Motvallskärring, jag?

Har av princip inte velat lägga mina texter på Facebook, som text. Endast som länk. Hit. Till bloggen. Har velat att folk läser här. Det har varit viktigare än att folk läser.

Facebook premierar lives av en viss längd. Tidigare tio minuter. Nu tydligen kortare, 1-3 minuter är optimalt ryktas det. Och jag blir som motvallskärring. Vill inte vara följsam och göra ”det man ska” för att någon algoritm ska vilja premiera mitt material.

Lyssnar sällan på lives men när jag gör det är det oftast i efterhand och då blir det så stolpigt när folk säger Hej Lisa, och Kul att se dig Olle, när folk dyker upp, skriver en kommentar eller lägger en tumme upp. Så när folk skriver en kommentar eller ger mig en boost under pågående live så har jag varit tyst, inte interagerat. Och det är ju samtidigt helt puckat. För hela poängen är att vi kan interagera i realtid. Spelar roll att jag kanske tänker att den här videon kan jag kanske göra något av, jag snuvar ju mig själv på konfekten, eller hur?

Lite samma sak, alltsammans. En motvilja till att falla in i ledet.
Så jag kryper till korset. Inser att jag har satt upp gränser för mig själv, regler för hur jag vill ha det, som snarast sätter fälleben för mig själv, som begränsar min räckvidd, min möjlighet till interaktion, till samspel, till samskapande.

Jag kan ju dela mina texter, som texter, såväl på Facebook som Instagram.
Och ändå lägga dem på bloggen, där jag har dem samlade.
Och kan lägga länken till bloggen som en kommentar. Också.
Kan börja säga Hej Caspian, eller Tack för tummen upp Tomas, när jag får interaktioner under pågående live. Kan göra mitt för att få igång en dialog under pågående monolog, bjuda in till ett samtal.

Om inget annat så för att testa och se.
Annars tror jag bara att jag vet vad jag vill, hur jag vill och varför jag vill det.
Lika bra att testa istället för att tro!

23/24 – Construct your life



You construct your life. 

Unless someone else does it. And is it then the life you want to live? Or does it turn into a life lived by you, rather than the life you want to live?

Perhaps it’s a subtle difference, not visible to each and all of you.

But for me… there is a difference there. A matter of ownership. Of being the person constructing my life, taking it on, fully, actively. Constructing my life.

The opposite is riding along in the bus. Back-seat driver at best. Likely nothing more than a passenger. Passive. Ceding ownership to someone, something, else. Almost a way of claiming victimhood. Who would I cede to? And why?

No. Not for me. That is not my path. I don’t see a reason why I would not construct my life. Do you?

Reflection #23 of 24 from the notes I took and the experience I had at the Seth Godin Q&A-session in London, November 2015. These reflections will constitute my Advent Calendar for 2015, and will be posted daily from December 1st to the 24th.

A Symphony of Energy

Spontaneously throughout the Summit for Human Potential Realisation, a Symphony of Energy has come into being. Not once. Not twice. Many times. All Symphonies totally unique, never to be repeated again.

Someone starts to hum. Or sing. Or ding a spoon against a glass. A clap of hands, the stomp of a foot. One by one, souls join in. Adding their own tune, tone, rhythm, movement to the symphony. Expanding it. Turning it into something more, something else. Transforming it. Enriching it. There are no rights or wrong, there just is, what is. Nothing more. Nothing else. And yet, in the moment of collective cocreation of a Symphony of Energy, there is everything. The entire universe condenses into the space opening up to it, held within the dancing humming singing clapping energy, like a group of young children happily bouncing about on a flowering field in summer, laughing, skipping, doing cart-wheels and clapping hands, peals of laughter and excited shouts of joy filling the air waves.

Sorry, too busy living, no time to pose for you.

”Sorry, too busy living life to pose for you, and by the way I see my friend over there!”, said the Peacock, dancing away on the castle grounds.

It’s one of the strongest sensations I bring with me as I head home after the close of the summit, this amazing feeling of co-creating a symphony of energy together with others. Amazing.

All made possible out of the generosity and willingness of individuals to surrender, collectively, to what wants to happen, in the here and the now. To dance and play, to live, to love, to be.

I’m sitting here writing this, remembering, feeling the Symphony of Energy within me, the memory resided in me, fully, in Body, Mind and Soul alike. Tears well up in my eyes, gratitude pulses through me. The feeling that comes to me, strongly, enforcing its message, shouting out loud, proud and happy.

The massage is clear. As I take it in, I know it to be true, and my gratitude multiplies:

I live.

Be reckless

I listened to Parker Palmer giving this commencement address to the graduating class at Naropa University, and several times I got goose bumps and shivers. For me, those have become telltale signs that there’s something important and/or very true being said/shared.

BoldomaticPost_Be-reckless-when-it-comes-toThe six suggestions Parker provides on living a life worth exploring are simple. And powerful. So powerful I feel an urge to split this recommendation into six consecutive blog posts.

The first suggestion is: Be reckless when it comes to affairs of the heart.

He urges us all to fall passionately in love with life. And to go boldly, not fearing the vulnerability that is a certain companion when living a life worth living. When we give of ourselves, there will be times when we risk getting hurt. But the alternative, of holding back, of not giving of ourselves, of not letting that happen through me, that is mine to give the world. That’s just too sad to even contemplate.

So – go out there, and be reckless. Love. Live. Create! Because if you are anything like me, you are more afraid of regretting what wasn’t done rather than that which was done, when lying on your death bed. Or?


Podcast 25/52 – a punch in the nose

Oops, I forgot. Sundays is my recommend-a-podcast-day here on the blog, and I simply forgot. Luckily, I can make up for it today. And I will make it up by giving you a punch in the nose… sort of. The one doing the punching is life though, and not me.

BoldomaticPost_Life-is-a-contact-sport-Its-aJonathan Fields runs Good Life Project, which is one of my top three podcasts (accompanied by On Being and One You Feed), and I often listen more than once to them. This specific pod first emerged as a blog post and if you don’t have 6 minutes to listen, take the time to read it. It’s well worth it!

So here’s Jonathan with a short riff on how life is a contact sport. If I am so afraid of what the contact might result in perhaps I also shirk away from life itself. I mean, in life, the occasional bruise and blister is certain to occur, and I might be unlucky enough to get a concussion or a broken bone, but I also might not. I don’t know in advance, do I?

Hiding, in a state of non-living, afraid of what might or might not happen if I engage. Desiring a warm welcoming hug. Dreading being punched in the nose.
And when dread and fear outgrows that which I desire and want, inaction is the likely outcome.

Is there anything more sad than a life not lived, on account of fear?


Sydney Banks said:
Life is a playground


Since life is a playground, that means we don’t have to take life so seriously. And you know what, getting that insight has made a huge difference in my life. Because that also means I don’t have to take my self so bl**dy seriously either! I no longer have that burning urge to prove myself right (except once in a while. Hey. I’m not perfect! Or rather, I am, with all my imperfections. And so are you!). I get to feel what I feel, full out, but at the same time, I know where those feelings come from. They come from my thinking in the moment. And a new thought is just a moment away. And playing actually means that new thought has a much better chance at popping into my consciousness than it would if I was stuck in the feeling of the moment.

Play is light hearted, curious, bubbly. It’s laughter and adventure, make belief and new experiences. Discoveries and spur-of-the-moment-decisions.

Play is life. Play is love. All of life is a playground – and I get to play full out. Question is, am I? Are you?


The two days of The Independence Intensive with Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler didn’t blow my mind. I would have liked more, longer, deeper, more challenges, and above all more interaction with all the magnificent people attending the event.

However, watching Rich turn on his high-flame coaching in a nanosecond has been a true inspiration to witness. I’m gonna be much more fearless and vulnerable myself in my coaching from now on. Thanks Rich for modelling that for me in the most authentic way!

And Steve Chandler, the man with the voice that I struggled not to get stuck on. Now I love that voice, and even more, I love his message. And his humor. Man, that’s one funny man! I will keep on listening to your pods, and read your books, and your generosity is simply amazing. You make me reflect, think and act, and I thank you for that. You’ve flipped my mind several times already, and I look forward to more flips ahead!


The resources made available to me/us as attendees, both before, during and after the event, all in themselves are value enough for the price of the Intensive. I will continue to grow and evolve as a direct result of all these resources!

1,5 day in. Enter: Steve Hardison.

And my mind blew. Totally.

I’ve never ever experienced presence like that. I’ve never met anyone so present. And it wasn’t the words he said. Not at all. It was where he was coming from. A place of love. 100% love. And 100% willingness to serve.

I am at a loss for words. But during the break after Hardison spoke, my whole body vibrated. And I was filled with a new purpose, a commitment so deep and immediate I feel all shook up.


The main message from Steve Hardison was simple. Just be me. Whatever that is, be it, and be it fully. Be fully that which I am. And that which I am can change at any moment, and that’s just the way it is. But at the same time, Steve Hardison models beautifully how it’s possible to practice to live a life of love. Cuz love is all there is. Live. And love. Namaste Steve Hardison, namaste.

I have now gotten a resolve for two things:
1) Living and loving life, and doing it by being me.
2) Honouring the gift of life by serving the world and those around me.

Again. My mind just blew. And I love it. And boy am I grateful to myself for doing this sort of thing, attending challenging and potentiallty mindblowing events. What an experience!

When did you last have a mind blowing experience?