Sydney Banks said:
Life is a playground


Since life is a playground, that means we don’t have to take life so seriously. And you know what, getting that insight has made a huge difference in my life. Because that also means I don’t have to take my self so bl**dy seriously either! I no longer have that burning urge to prove myself right (except once in a while. Hey. I’m not perfect! Or rather, I am, with all my imperfections. And so are you!). I get to feel what I feel, full out, but at the same time, I know where those feelings come from. They come from my thinking in the moment. And a new thought is just a moment away. And playing actually means that new thought has a much better chance at popping into my consciousness than it would if I was stuck in the feeling of the moment.

Play is light hearted, curious, bubbly. It’s laughter and adventure, make belief and new experiences. Discoveries and spur-of-the-moment-decisions.

Play is life. Play is love. All of life is a playground – and I get to play full out. Question is, am I? Are you?

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