Sydney Banks said:
Life is a playground


Since life is a playground, that means we don’t have to take life so seriously. And you know what, getting that insight has made a huge difference in my life. Because that also means I don’t have to take my self so bl**dy seriously either! I no longer have that burning urge to prove myself right (except once in a while. Hey. I’m not perfect! Or rather, I am, with all my imperfections. And so are you!). I get to feel what I feel, full out, but at the same time, I know where those feelings come from. They come from my thinking in the moment. And a new thought is just a moment away. And playing actually means that new thought has a much better chance at popping into my consciousness than it would if I was stuck in the feeling of the moment.

Play is light hearted, curious, bubbly. It’s laughter and adventure, make belief and new experiences. Discoveries and spur-of-the-moment-decisions.

Play is life. Play is love. All of life is a playground – and I get to play full out. Question is, am I? Are you?

Be curious

Monday morning. Lying in bed, waking early due to a stuffed nose. Flicking through the photos in my IPhone I come across this quote:


It speaks to me and I make up my mind to act on this the coming week. I’ll be curious, but will do my best to leave out all shades of judgement. Because after all, who am I to judge? Who are you?

Will you join me?