A Symphony of Energy

Spontaneously throughout the Summit for Human Potential Realisation, a Symphony of Energy has come into being. Not once. Not twice. Many times. All Symphonies totally unique, never to be repeated again.

Someone starts to hum. Or sing. Or ding a spoon against a glass. A clap of hands, the stomp of a foot. One by one, souls join in. Adding their own tune, tone, rhythm, movement to the symphony. Expanding it. Turning it into something more, something else. Transforming it. Enriching it. There are no rights or wrong, there just is, what is. Nothing more. Nothing else. And yet, in the moment of collective cocreation of a Symphony of Energy, there is everything. The entire universe condenses into the space opening up to it, held within the dancing humming singing clapping energy, like a group of young children happily bouncing about on a flowering field in summer, laughing, skipping, doing cart-wheels and clapping hands, peals of laughter and excited shouts of joy filling the air waves.

Sorry, too busy living, no time to pose for you.

”Sorry, too busy living life to pose for you, and by the way I see my friend over there!”, said the Peacock, dancing away on the castle grounds.

It’s one of the strongest sensations I bring with me as I head home after the close of the summit, this amazing feeling of co-creating a symphony of energy together with others. Amazing.

All made possible out of the generosity and willingness of individuals to surrender, collectively, to what wants to happen, in the here and the now. To dance and play, to live, to love, to be.

I’m sitting here writing this, remembering, feeling the Symphony of Energy within me, the memory resided in me, fully, in Body, Mind and Soul alike. Tears well up in my eyes, gratitude pulses through me. The feeling that comes to me, strongly, enforcing its message, shouting out loud, proud and happy.

The massage is clear. As I take it in, I know it to be true, and my gratitude multiplies:

I live.


Sydney Banks said:
Life is a playground


Since life is a playground, that means we don’t have to take life so seriously. And you know what, getting that insight has made a huge difference in my life. Because that also means I don’t have to take my self so bl**dy seriously either! I no longer have that burning urge to prove myself right (except once in a while. Hey. I’m not perfect! Or rather, I am, with all my imperfections. And so are you!). I get to feel what I feel, full out, but at the same time, I know where those feelings come from. They come from my thinking in the moment. And a new thought is just a moment away. And playing actually means that new thought has a much better chance at popping into my consciousness than it would if I was stuck in the feeling of the moment.

Play is light hearted, curious, bubbly. It’s laughter and adventure, make belief and new experiences. Discoveries and spur-of-the-moment-decisions.

Play is life. Play is love. All of life is a playground – and I get to play full out. Question is, am I? Are you?