Held in a space of love

Being held in a space of love, that beats most things I’ve experienced. That’s what a great coach (for me) will do. And that’s what I experience at Supercoach Academy as well. space of loveBeing held in a space of love opens up for discovery of things within that I didn’t know were there to find. It opens for grabbing onto a story of mine, shining some light on it, and watching it dissolve into nothingness, because that’s what stories are. They really are nothing, but for the fact that we place meaning onto them. They are a thought, that we believe to be real, and that’s why they seem ream. But they are a thought, and it’s only when I ”have something on that thought” that it seems real to me.

During the last weekend with SCA2014, I was listening to a chat between Michael Neill and George Pransky, when George said something to the effect of:
It’s the meaning you put on ”it”, that is causing your distress.

(”It” being whatever it is you put meaning to, whatever it is you are dicussing, bringing up, getting stuck on.)

I can see this in my life, nowadays. I can see myself when I am in distress, and know where that feeling comes from. It doesn’t mean I don’t experience distress anymore. Not at all! That happens, all the time, because it’s part of the human experience on earth. It happens to us all. Period. But I know where my distress is coming from, and knowing that makes it seem slightly less real for me. It makes me not take that distress as Fact, as something that Must be. It makes me see the distress as a feeling I am experiencing, because I have a thought of some sort. And I feel the feeling. That’s a given. But I no longer believe that feeling to be a Must. It’s not a feeling that is inevitable. It’s not a feeling which is the only true response given the situation. It’s A feeling. Not THE feeling.

And when I am held in a space of love, I can begin to question my beliefs, question the stories I’m telling myself to be real. And that process is a miraculous journey, that free’s me up, expands me, makes it possible to let go of restrictions that don’t serve me (anymore), and mostly, for me, it means my energy is not wasted on conserving the stories of my life. The energy can be used for much greater thing. I don’t have to waste energy trying to maintain a status quo that is a construct of my thinking, instead the energy can be used, in the moment, for whatever want’s to show up, whatever wants to happen.

Have you ever been held in a space of love?

Physically home

After 10 days on the road, visiting Santa Monica for Graduation weekend of Supercoach Academy, and then taking a few extra days of leisure in Seattle, meeting up with an old friend from my years as a foreign-exchange student in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am finally physically home. And it feels great.

Nowadays, I am, from a psychological point of view, (almost) always home within myself these days. But it sure does feel good to be physically home within the confines of my house and the loving arms of my familly.


Summer weather greeted me on return, and I enjoyed a sunny afternoon with the shared Insights from all my classmates of Supercoach Academy. The wisdom and sense of wonder contained within the stories, moves me to tears and laughter. I am filled with love for all of my fellow Supercoaches, but luckily enough, there’s enough to go around, so regardless if you’ve shared this ride with me the past nine months or not, consider yourself loved.

I am truly blessed!

A symphony of second chances

Every day my students turn my classroom into a symphony of second chances. – Clint Smith

That phrase makes me shiver. Not unpleasantly at all, but rather from the sheer power of it, and from my desire to have that possibility of second chances be more present in the school system. Well. Why stop there. I want to see it on a global scale.

The phrase is spoken by Clint Smith in this TEDx Talk:

Here’s another beautiful phrase from the talk:

I carry their stories like a back pocket full of prayers.

The talk is captioned Celebrating resilience. Isn’t that one of natures foremost traits? Resilience. The abilility to endure, to bounce back, to survive and even prosper, despite harsh conditions.

Clint shares the resilience of his students, in a poetic and gripping narrative. I think most people have a story of resilience. I know I have a couple. Who would I be without those stories, told and retold. Who would you be without your stories?

Beer makes for great stories?

Going walk-about in Santa Monica one evening, I stumbled across this sign outside a bar:

Beer and good stories

I’m not so sure about the truth to this statement though. First of all, I’m not that fond of beer in the first place, and I do believe I can tell a story or two. But also because I’ve heard a lot of great stories with no beer  in sight, some of them told over a plate of salad.

I do believe we all have great stories to share though. Some of us might not realize it, and hence, we keep silent, not sharing our stories.And that’s a shame, because we are a story-telling species, as Jonathan Gottschall writes about:

One of my favorite podcasts, The Moth, is about just that, sharing stories, in this form:

True stories, told live without notes

If you were to attend a Moth-event – what story would you tell?