Beer makes for great stories?

Going walk-about in Santa Monica one evening, I stumbled across this sign outside a bar:

Beer and good stories

I’m not so sure about the truth to this statement though. First of all, I’m not that fond of beer in the first place, and I do believe I can tell a story or two. But also because I’ve heard a lot of great stories with no beer  in sight, some of them told over a plate of salad.

I do believe we all have great stories to share though. Some of us might not realize it, and hence, we keep silent, not sharing our stories.And that’s a shame, because we are a story-telling species, as Jonathan Gottschall writes about:

One of my favorite podcasts, The Moth, is about just that, sharing stories, in this form:

True stories, told live without notes

If you were to attend a Moth-event – what story would you tell?