Rebirthed from and to love – graduation day of SCA2014

So, it’s time. The nine months of Supercoach Academy are up, and I just woke up to the last and final day of this last weekend, entitled Integration & Expansion. It’s been a journey that has me in awe of the gifts of human beings, because my classmates here – and there’s like 70 plus of us – are just amazing.

Some of them I have barely talked to, this being such a large group, but I love them anyway. Some of them I’ve shared a talk or a break out session with, and I’ve gotten to know a little something of them. Then there’s the rest, that have actually touched my heart, and will forever be held close to it.

But you know what, I love them all, regardless of how close to my heart they have come (I have let them?). In fact, this whole weekend has me feeling like I am being reborn, and this time honey, my heart and my love for all that is is coming out first. This love for all is the outermost part of me, it’s my new skin, it’s the cornea of my eyes. Hence, it’s the filter that will tint the way I perceive the world, putting the rose-tinted sheen of love on my experience of the world, which is how I’m creating my reality.

I love U

Strange. Out there. Nutty.
I know. I could easily label this feeling with words to that effect, and my experience of the world through the filter of love as being insane, as if I’m seriously loosing it, somehow. I could feel that way, if I try to make sense of it, and put a label on it.

But then again, why should I? I don’t have to make sense of this, I can just do what I am doing, and that is to go with it. Going with the sensation of looking at each and everyone of my classmates and just feeling the love of the universe flowing through me, out into the world.

And you know what? This would not be possible if I hadn’t first remembered what it’s like to love myself, something that has gradually awakened within me this past year or two. That process started before Supercoach Academy, but it sure got a kick into overdrive from this experience. I could not extend my love for all, if – at the center of this – I didn’t have my love for me.

I am curious about today, really looking forward to it, but even more so, I’m dying to go home to my family to look at them through my new cornea. I have no idea what difference it will make, I just know it will. I feel it already, and it’s like I’ve gotten a taste of something I know I’m gonna love to have more of.

That said, it’s time to make myself ready for today, and it has the feel of getting ready for my spiritual rebirth! I’m wowed. This is an amazing place to be, and I’m ever so grateful for getting to this state of mind on this particular day. I’m also really curious to know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience. Have you?

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