Felt by the heart

When I watched this clip, of kids with a blindfold, who are told to go find their mom amongst a group of six women, what struck me is the importance of all our senses.

Perhaps we don’t take the other senses into consideration as much as when sight is taken from us, as in the video here. But the love, oh, the love I see in the eyes of these women. Makes me want to shed a tear or two, out of pure joy at the connection I see displayed before my eyes.

Reminds me of the quote by Denzel Washington:

”Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream?
Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.”


What is responsibility?
What does it mean?
How do I act responsibly?
And why do I have such strong attachment to the word, with a heavy feeling of sorts attached to it?

Those are but a few of the questions that arose a while ago, during a coaching call with my coach. Since then, I’ve toyed with the word, played with the concept, observed my feelings, written about it in my journal, and also spoken again and again with my coach about it, but also brought it up in other conversations.

I’ve gotten more insight. I’ve discovered the story I was telling myself about being responsible, and why it is ”something I have to do”. No wonder it had a heavy feel to it!

If I think responsibility is a heavy burden to bear, a must, something one should do, it’s only logical that it will have a very heavy feel to it. 

And you know what? It doesn’t have to.

The more I’ve sat with the word, I’ve realized responsibility can feel very light as well. It all depends on my state of mind. When I am in a low state of mind, I feel alone, having to carry the weight of responsibility all by myself. When, on the other hand, I am in a high state of mind, I feel connected to the Whole, to Mind, to whatever connects us all to each other (also when I’m in a low state of mind, mind you! Only when I’m low, I lose sight of the connection that is always there, as if I’ve gotten lost).

When I’m aware of the connection, feeling connected, responsibility is light as a feather. It’s as if I am no longer the only one to carry my load, like I’m larger than life, and no burden is too heavy. My self is so expanded, so connected to the energies of Mind, that I’m sharing the weight with everyone. Light. As a feather.


I like the new relationship with Responsibility that I am exploring. What is Responsibility to you? Is it heavy? Or light as a feather?

Three things I know to be true

Michael Neill shared a TED Talk in his newsletter the other day, and it’s a TED Talk to watch. More than once. It’s rich.

It inspired Michael to share three things he know’s to be true in his newsletter. I was inspired to share the newsletter with a friend, asking for his three true things, and whaddayaknow, I got the question back:

What are three things you know to be true?

It sat in my email inbox for a few days, but at this very minute (which was at 10 pm Thursday evening of March 19th, 2015, when I replied to the email), this is what I know to be true:

1) That the shortcomings of human beings is our greatest gift, because when paired with awareness and consciousness, the shortcomings carry a message, a loving message.
2) That I absolutely love the silence that occurs during deep connection, the silence that is so rich it can be touched. It can occur when I meet myself, and when I meet others. In any instance, it’s like touching wonder and magic.
3) Spring is on it’s way, my face is still tingling from the heat of the spring sun, which I spent a marvelous four hours in, earlier today.
What are three things you know to be true?
This blog post, number 20 of 100, is a part of the #blogg100 challenge currently running in Sweden

A speedy way to peace on earth

My Supercoach Academy-colleague, the wonderful Susan Parisi, wrote this on Facebook:

eyegazingNow, if you’re anything like me, this makes you very intrigued, because that’s what happened to me. So I clicked on the link that Susan shared, and got this:


The love, the wonder, the curiosity, the intimacy and connection between these couples comes through the screen and hits me hard. Amazing. Powerful.

Finished watching. And realized: Susan is right. This should really be a prerequisite before attempting to solve any disagreement of any sort. You think I’ll remember this when next I end up in a disagreement?

And you know what more? I have an urge to sit my husband down for four minutes of eye gazing. Who do you want to invite for some eye gazing?


Read, Reflect, Rejoice

Charlotte Rudenstam blogged about the new mainstream (in Swedish) after reading an article in the Huffington Post. I read Charlottes post and nodded, feeling like she was writing about me. So before even reading the Huff Post article, I knew already that I am walking proud beside Charlotte as a part of the new mainstream.

Then I read the article. And rejoiced!

There’s a New Mainstream out there.
You’re probably part of it.
I call it ”The Consciousness Crowd”.

Because hell yes, that crowd is my crowd! There’s more and more people I know, spread out across the globe, all belonging to the new mainstream. All having become aware of the connection between us all, the connection that is always there, whether or not we can feel it in the given moment or not. Aware of the potential residing within us all, each and every one of us, aware or not, that is what the world needs from us.

The consciousness crowd

So yeah Charlotte, I read, reflect and rejoice – because there’s a New Mainstream out there. And I’m a part of it. It’s called The Consciousness Crowd. And you know what, I’m hoping you’re a part of it too. I’m hoping you’ll take my hand and join me and the rest of The Consciousness Crowd. So why don’t you read the article and see?


I’m not alone

Supercoach Academy 2014 has ended, and it’s been an amazing journey. During this time so much has shifted for me and one of the more significant shifts took place during the New York-Connection-weekend. The big shift came when a fellow attendee shared a feeling of being ”the only one who feels excluded, and not in connection with the others”.

I was floored.

Not because I have ever believed that this is a feeling unique to me.

And not because I’ve never stared this thought in the eyes before, so to speak. I have.

I even did a drawing over and over again as a child, when I had just started school, of blobs of different colors, all close to each other…. and one black blob, to the side, separate from the others, not connected, not included. Clearly different. Alone. Separated. Over and over I drew the same image. As a child of 7 or maybe 8. Already then I strongly identified with this story I kept telling myself, that I was not connected, that I was alone.


But that story and all the attachment I have had to it for decades all just seemed to fall into small pieces during the Connection weekend, it all crumbled and fell apart.

And this is what I now know:
I am not alone. I am connected. Connection is not something I have to create. It’s already there. IT’S ALREADY THERE!!! Imagine that huh?!