Read, Reflect, Rejoice

Charlotte Rudenstam blogged about the new mainstream (in Swedish) after reading an article in the Huffington Post. I read Charlottes post and nodded, feeling like she was writing about me. So before even reading the Huff Post article, I knew already that I am walking proud beside Charlotte as a part of the new mainstream.

Then I read the article. And rejoiced!

There’s a New Mainstream out there.
You’re probably part of it.
I call it ”The Consciousness Crowd”.

Because hell yes, that crowd is my crowd! There’s more and more people I know, spread out across the globe, all belonging to the new mainstream. All having become aware of the connection between us all, the connection that is always there, whether or not we can feel it in the given moment or not. Aware of the potential residing within us all, each and every one of us, aware or not, that is what the world needs from us.

The consciousness crowd

So yeah Charlotte, I read, reflect and rejoice – because there’s a New Mainstream out there. And I’m a part of it. It’s called The Consciousness Crowd. And you know what, I’m hoping you’re a part of it too. I’m hoping you’ll take my hand and join me and the rest of The Consciousness Crowd. So why don’t you read the article and see?


The meaning of life

The meaning of life, isn’t that the biggest question of them all? Douglas Adams gave 42 as the answer to the question, in his epic book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But I never really incorporated that one. Might come next year though, when I turn 42. 🙂

I found the meaning of my life three years ago, and that has made a big difference in my life. Just found this article on happiness in Huffington Post, and it made it clear again, for me, what the meaning of life really is.

20130917-140146.jpgDo you agree with me that the meaning of life is to have a meaningful life?

The next question that comes to mind for me is this one:
Am I giving my life meaning?

I know my answer – what’s yours?