I’m not alone

Supercoach Academy 2014 has ended, and it’s been an amazing journey. During this time so much has shifted for me and one of the more significant shifts took place during the New York-Connection-weekend. The big shift came when a fellow attendee shared a feeling of being ”the only one who feels excluded, and not in connection with the others”.

I was floored.

Not because I have ever believed that this is a feeling unique to me.

And not because I’ve never stared this thought in the eyes before, so to speak. I have.

I even did a drawing over and over again as a child, when I had just started school, of blobs of different colors, all close to each other…. and one black blob, to the side, separate from the others, not connected, not included. Clearly different. Alone. Separated. Over and over I drew the same image. As a child of 7 or maybe 8. Already then I strongly identified with this story I kept telling myself, that I was not connected, that I was alone.


But that story and all the attachment I have had to it for decades all just seemed to fall into small pieces during the Connection weekend, it all crumbled and fell apart.

And this is what I now know:
I am not alone. I am connected. Connection is not something I have to create. It’s already there. IT’S ALREADY THERE!!! Imagine that huh?!

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