Bruce – more than meets the ear and eye

I love reading. I especially love reading biographies and have done ever since I was a child (or at least a teenager). So when I browsed the local library a few weeks ago, and spotted Bruce, I borrowed it and brought it home to read.Bruce

And what a book! It’s a well written biography, and despite the enormous amount of facts present in the book, it’s a joy to read, and doesn’t feel as information-laden as it actually is. But what really made me enjoy this book was Bruce himself. What a story. What a character. And jeez, what a skilled person, in his craft. Gifted musician, extremely (!!!) productive composer, and a very special singer, with a distinct voice.

Born to run is an album my older brother introduced me to when I was a kid, which was my entryway to Bruce Springsteen, and in a sense, I never got past it. I still think it’s the best he’s done, and Jungleland is, to this day, one of my absolute favorite songs. In my teens I listened to it over and over, drawn to the drama of the story, the varying sounds and atmospheres, and the powerful feeling of the entire song. But it’s been a while since I listened to it, so when I came upon the part of the book telling the story of the creation of that specific album, I immediately found it on Spotify, and started to listen. And did so with a new sensation, a deeper background, an understanding making me hear more in each song, picking up on the feeling behind, that which is sensed rather than heard.

While reading this book, a feeling grew stronger and stronger within me:
People are not what they seem to be. There’s so much more to each and every one of us, than what is apparent on the outside.

Even though this is not an autobiography, I got many glimpses of the person behind the public figure of Bruce Springsteen aka The Boss. And my reverie grew, page after page. For Bruce. His father, mother, grandparents. For people who tries to make the best of what they got, even when their best is far from sufficient… For the talented people walking alongside Bruce throughout his career. And for the audience, the listeners, the fans.

As I read, my reverie grew for human beings. We do try to make the best of what we get, and sometimes, it turns out absolutely magnificent. Sometimes, we end up with total rubbish, disaster, chaos and dread. Sometimes, the distance between a point of magnificence and a point of disaster is mere millimeters or seconds apart. The high’s and low’s of life. That’s what it is to be human. That is the Human Experience. And no one escapes it. Not me. Not you. Not Bruce. There’s no protection from it, thank God. Because without it, life would not be worth living. Life is made up of moments of high’s and low’s. And every single human being on Earth lives life according to this basic premise.

Outside the street’s on fire 

In a real death waltz 
Between what’s flesh and what’s fantasy 
And the poets down here 
Don’t write nothing at all 
They just stand back and let it all be 
And in the quick of the night 
They reach for their moment 
And try to make an honest stand 
But they wind up wounded 
Not even dead 
Tonight in Jungleland


Being aware – reflection #2

Sticking to my awareness-theme, I pick up the next set of questions from my original post. Now let’s see what I might discover today.

How do you Do awareness?
What a relevant question. And such a difficult question to answer. Because how Do you Do awareness? *pause to reflect and sit with the question*
Well. I guess, for me, doing awareness isn’t really visible on the outside, it’s more something that goes on within me, which then might manifests visibly, in my actions and the way I show up in the world.

What is the relationship between being and doing awareness?
Being aware comes before the doing of awareness. I don’t think it can be the other way around and they don’t work in parallel either. Being precedes doing. It’s as simple as that. Do you agree?being precedes doing

How can you tell when another person acts out of awareness? Or when he/she
doesn’t? Is it visible somehow?
These questions all belong together. And yes, sometimes I can tell if a person acts out of awareness or when he/she doesn’t. Sometimes I can’t. I guess it varies. However, I actually think I can sense it, intuit it, more often than I can actually see it with my eyes. Whether or not I use my intuition to sense it, or I use my eyes to see it, I guess what I spot is incongruencies, when there’s a mis-match between being and doing. Something that is un-synchronized, out of tune, not as it should be.

Is there a limit, a point where you are fully aware, saturated, unable to become more aware? If so, can human beings reach that point? Is it even desirable?
Another set of questions that belong together.
And no. I don’t think we can reach that point, at least not staying a human being.
Actually. I have a sense that once a person is 100% aware, saturated with awareness, unable to become more aware… he or she will cease to exist, revert into godhood, no longer having a place in the human realm. Being human and living the human experience means there is always more to learn, to grasp, understand, discover, be curious about. There is no such thing as a comprehensively aware human being. Because once we reach a point of all-knowing, we are god, pure and simple, and the need for our human form will be no more.

Do I know this last to be true? Heck no.

I haven’t got the faintest idea if this is the way it is, or just a figment of my imagination. But it’s as far as my reflections on awareness and humankind have taken me. To this date. Who know’s where I will be on this subject tomorrow. Perhaps my awareness will have taken me somewhere completely different?

Three things I know to be true

Michael Neill shared a TED Talk in his newsletter the other day, and it’s a TED Talk to watch. More than once. It’s rich.

It inspired Michael to share three things he know’s to be true in his newsletter. I was inspired to share the newsletter with a friend, asking for his three true things, and whaddayaknow, I got the question back:

What are three things you know to be true?

It sat in my email inbox for a few days, but at this very minute (which was at 10 pm Thursday evening of March 19th, 2015, when I replied to the email), this is what I know to be true:

1) That the shortcomings of human beings is our greatest gift, because when paired with awareness and consciousness, the shortcomings carry a message, a loving message.
2) That I absolutely love the silence that occurs during deep connection, the silence that is so rich it can be touched. It can occur when I meet myself, and when I meet others. In any instance, it’s like touching wonder and magic.
3) Spring is on it’s way, my face is still tingling from the heat of the spring sun, which I spent a marvelous four hours in, earlier today.
What are three things you know to be true?
This blog post, number 20 of 100, is a part of the #blogg100 challenge currently running in Sweden

Podcast 5/52 – Autism at work

It’s Sunday, and Sunday means podcast-tip of the week. This time, a program I listened to almost a year ago, but it’s stayed with me. It’s an RSA Event entitled Autism at work: Releasing Talent and Harnessing Creativity. It’s not an easy listen, perhaps, but do give it a chance. If you do, I believe you will hear something new.

I remember taking a walk while listening, getting frustrated and elated both. Frustrated because there is so much human potential that goes to waste, basically because of lack of understanding and knowledge. Elated because there is hope at the end of the tunnel, this program give examples of companies really thinking about what their needs are, and realizing people within the autism spectrum are spot on for those needs.there is a place for everyone

Now, that might seem callous of me, as if the only way to have worth on this earth is if you are employed and somebody can directly utilize your skills. That’s not what I mean, so please don’t misunderstand me here. Rather, opening up work places, organizations etc, for a wider spectrum of how human beings can be, with similarities and differences, hopefully will lead to a more allowing society.

I believe it to be an innate need of human beings, to belong. So what can be done, to enable more people to find their place and their crowd?

PostIt heaven

Today I’ve been in PostIt heaven, and I am not done for the day either. Am still working on collating the last of them to be able to ship it all to my client, so all of the wisdom and insight can be utilized for further progress and development.20140618-232433-84273313.jpgOne of the questions I asked today was ”Who do you need to Be to help make a positive change?”, which alongside the question ”What do you need to Do to help make a positive change?” sums up the relationship between human Beings and human Doings. We need both, but if we Do a lot of things without anchoring the action taken in our Beings, we can end up a long way from where we want to go.

So, my question to you, in regards to some instance where you are seeking a positive change of some kind:

Who do you need to Be to help make this change?