Selecting a teacher

Selecting a Teacher 
There are so many teachers in the world and so many theories about life. 
When selecting a teacher, ask yourself… 
Is my teacher a well-balanced person? Is she or he happy? 
Does my teacher reflect and demonstrate the quality of life I desire? 
If the answer to any of these questions is no, move on in your journey.
Otherwise you may become one of the blind, led by the blind.
Sydney Banks, from The Missing Link

You can exchange the word teacher with other words, such as guide, coach, leader, boss, spiritual guide, enabler. The word doesn’t really matter anyway, but oh, how these words ring true for me.

I remember Lama Kathy Wesley stating in one of my favorite podcasts how important she felt it to be to look at the elders of any tradition of faith that you found interesting. By their appearance, health, harmony, you know, whether or not to venture forth into that tradition or not. In a nutshell, she’s stating exactly the same thing as Syd Banks is pointing to.

And at the same time, well-balanced doesn’t mean a person who is ”perfect”, and never gets out of whack. On the contrary, I would say. I do not require my teacher, coach, guide (yeah, you get it! That whatever-word you place here!) to be ”a perfect human being”, in the meaning that they do not live the human experience.

Because that’s part of the trick for me – living life, experiencing all the up’s and down’s of human experience, and doing it with grace, with balance (that is, returning to balance when off-centered for a moment or two), and a lot of love, laughter and light. Tears commingle with laughter, grief with ecstatic joy, boredom with the feeling of flow where time seemingly disappears. All of that is part of the human experience, but how I live into it, or perhaps, how I live out of it, is what tells a well-balanced person apart for me.

BoldomaticPost_Selecting-a-Teacher-There-areWriting this, I just had an insight.

This quote isn’t only about looking for external teachers. It’s also a great reminder to myself, on my ability to be my own guide and enabler.

When I am well-balanced, happy, reflecting and demonstrating the qualities of life that I desire – then I am a good teacher for myself.

And when I am the opposite (off-centered, miserable, definitely not demonstrating the qualities of life I desire, but rather the opposite), it serves me well to remember to take myself a lot less seriously, as it’s as if I am one of the blind, leading myself. And boy does it hurt when I stumble into all sorts of obstacles along the way, attempting to lead my blind self. In situations like that, the best thing I can do is to pause, to stop in my tracks, and wait for vision to return. Go about my day, doing the routine things that I can do blind-folded, staying clear of making radical decisions, and not expecting too much of myself either. It’s not always easy though.

So am I the only one dumb enough to try to lead myself even when I am in no shape to lead?

Read, Reflect, Rejoice

Charlotte Rudenstam blogged about the new mainstream (in Swedish) after reading an article in the Huffington Post. I read Charlottes post and nodded, feeling like she was writing about me. So before even reading the Huff Post article, I knew already that I am walking proud beside Charlotte as a part of the new mainstream.

Then I read the article. And rejoiced!

There’s a New Mainstream out there.
You’re probably part of it.
I call it ”The Consciousness Crowd”.

Because hell yes, that crowd is my crowd! There’s more and more people I know, spread out across the globe, all belonging to the new mainstream. All having become aware of the connection between us all, the connection that is always there, whether or not we can feel it in the given moment or not. Aware of the potential residing within us all, each and every one of us, aware or not, that is what the world needs from us.

The consciousness crowd

So yeah Charlotte, I read, reflect and rejoice – because there’s a New Mainstream out there. And I’m a part of it. It’s called The Consciousness Crowd. And you know what, I’m hoping you’re a part of it too. I’m hoping you’ll take my hand and join me and the rest of The Consciousness Crowd. So why don’t you read the article and see?


Inner peace

Being able to tap into the greater wisdom, that connects us all, can totally change your take on life. I’ve experienced it myself, and am so grateful to the gift that each day brings me. For me, the habit of reflecting have change my life around completely.

So, how come we are not, generally speaking, teaching our young how to do that, how to connect to the inner wisdom, and experience inner peace? And honestly, why are we not letting young children keep this knowledge, that they have innately from the get go. Somethings happens in the school system, and children loose touch with their inner wisdom.

There are many answers to why this is so, but I want to show you what can happen when we take action and introduce something as simple as meditation in schools. Watch for yourself:

So – what can you do, today, to bring about an opportunity to reflect and connect, enabling inner peace?