SCA2014 Connection weekend – day one

So, I have spent five days on Long Island at Max and Mary’s place. Oh. And Angie, not to forget, Angie the beagle, the sweetest dog alive! There will be more on her later though.

Leaving from Ronkonkoma, picture courtesy of Mary Riley

Me and Mary after my ticket was bought

Windy and cold in New York City, outside Penn Station

Day one of the Connection weekend of Supercoach Academy flew by in a jiffy, and it has been a day of plenty full-body goose bump experiences, or God bumps, as my fellow SCA-student William calls it. For me, they let me know I am in touch with energies both within and without, and it has surely been a great day. Look forward to tomorrow!

After the class was out, I got on the tube to 103rd Street station, and walked a block to the New York Hihostel, where I checked in. Relaxed for a bit until my dinner date showed up.

Silvio Nardo stay at the Hihostel just like I do, and suggested an Ayurvedic restaurant when I said I prefer vegetarian. Great food! Wanted to commemorate the occasion, but found out that it’s not very easy to do selfies from a mini iPad.

The waiter gladly helped us though.

Good spot, The Ayurveda Cafe, with a nice story behind it.

Once back at in my room, I went to open my padlock for my locker… But it just wouldn’t open! So I had to walk down to reception asking for their help to break into my locker…


All in all a day filled with adventure, and in the words of Silvio, explaining the feeling he has around the Three Principles It’s like you are a beginner every day. I really like that, because there sure is a special sensation when you are new at something and do it for the love of it, wondrous to the magic of it. And really, isn’t that a great way to go about life?

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