13,79 and 275 km later – #becauseIsaidIwould

For a couple of years now I’ve set Runkeeper goals for myself, for walking, bicycling and swimming. This years I’ve switched from yearly to quarterly goals, to ensure I don’t end up like last year, having a huge backlog to deal with the last weeks of the year. Today was the last day for the goals of this quarter, and I got done with the bicycling goal a couple of weeks ago, so that’s not been an issue. The swimming hasn’t gone too well, I only went swimming once, so only 10% of that goal (1/10 km) got done. But I had a fair chance at the walking goal of 275 km, with a total of 13 km to go today to reach 100%.

runkeeper doneWhen I woke up to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine, I got my clothes and shoes on and headed out. Got almost 9 km done then, and after that I’ve been inside working all day. So it felt quite nice to get into my shoes again after dinner, to get the remaining 4+ km done. Which I did. Of course. I reached my goal #becauseIsaidIwould

Now, you might argue that I am a bit wobbly with keeping to my goals, since I totally bombed the swimming-goal of 10 km, while walking 13,79 km total today to reach the walking-goal. And yeah. You’re right. It is wobbly. #becauseIsaidIwould reach the swimming goal as well. Or at least I aimed to. But life hasn’t been such that swimming has been a large part of my days this past quarter. And that’s fine. I am not sticking to these goals solely to stick to the goals. I set them because I want to move, because I like to see the numbers stack up, percentage after percentage, and because I have some odd trait of really enjoying keeping records. Some records at least, the time tracking for work is no fun at all, actually…

So all in all, I am very happy with myself. I got two out of three goals done. Yeah me! When I reached the biking goal I decided not to start a new challenge for myself over the summer, and I feel the same about the walking. I’ll pick up on goal-setting again in the fall, I think. Or maybe not… who knows?

Lifted spirit!

It’s been a peculiar day, where for the first time ever, I seriously contemplated ditching my Twitter account. I’ve had breaks from Twitter now and then, but never really thought about just leaving it, completely. But this morning the thought crossed my mind. I’ve had lovely conversations on twitter about this today, and have decided not to leave Twitter, just now anyway, but I will clean up my following and also take more care as to what I do there, and with whom I interact. But I still felt a bit off.

So when my daughter came down to me a few minutes ago, with this song playing on her phone, I just knew this was the answer to my peculiar mood. It’s rocking and there is no way in hell I can sit still when listening to this!

You’ll never feel happy, until you try – so that’s what I’m doing now, and dancing wildly to this song sure helps lift my spirit! Over, and over again. It’s irresistible!

Can you sit still while listening to this song?

Join me at the rooftop?

A few days ago my friend Wivan posted a link to a song on Facebook, and I started to listen to it, but my connection was shaky and I couldn’t really hear it. But I sensed I’d really like it, so I sent the link to myself.

And today I watched it, started to dance while seated, found more songs by the same band and fell head over heels in love with Postmodern Jukebox. Amazing! Their cover versions are just sensational. 

So far I’ve only heard about five songs, and this one is breathtakingly beautiful:

I had a great day already, but I tell you, this just sent my day spinning into overdrive. I absolutely love living life in the moment, because then I get to feel what I feel in the moment 100%, fully, vibrantly, totally immersed. And right now I’m immersed in some seriously magnificent music! I love life, absolutely love it, and want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m happy, I’m alive, and life IS! Wanna join me at the rooftop?

Being human

So, understanding that I create the reality of my world, I cannot put the responsibility for my created reality on anyone but myself. However, and this is something I’ve struggled with, does that mean I can or should put up with anything around me? Like a stampeding herd of elephants in my workplace for instance?

Well. No.

The only thing it tells me is I can’t blame anyone else for what I feel. But if I have a preference for one thing (feelings are created via my thoughts, so it’s a part of the reality I create for myself), why shouldn’t I go for it, just because I know where the preference comes from?

I talked to someone wise about this, who didn’t really get why this makes such a mess of my understanding. He just said ”We’re human. Why make it harder than that?”.

imageAnd boy is that a great question, why make it harder than it has to be, eh? It made me let out a bit of tension on it, and perhaps I also stopped clinging on to the thought, but it’s still there in the back of my mind sometimes.

And this makes me think of The little book of contentment that Leo Baubata wrote. He’s very clear that noone else makes him happy. The feeling of being happy comes from within himself. But that doesn’t stop him from being with someone that he likes. Not because he or she is responsible for Leos feelings, but because Leo himself generate feelings of being happy when he’s with said person. And that makes him have a preference for some people.

Steve Chandler also talk about this, and he says something in the order of happiness being a feeling I bring TO a relationship, rather than a feeling I get FROM a relationship. (Happiness being but one example. Insert feeling of choice.) Ponder that one, why don’t you. I sure do.

Hm. Sometimes I think I make it harder to be human than I need to. But perhaps that’s part of being human?

Happy as only a dog can be!

On Thursday I am meeting with all my Supercoach Academy-colleagues again, for the third of a total of four long-weekend sessions. This time we’re headed for London, which makes for a nice change, since it means a slightly shorter flight than having to hop across the Atlantic.

During the SCA-weekends we’ve had a playlist shuffling during breaks and such, and Happy with Pharrell Williams has been a given song on that list. And here’s just about the greatest video for that song ever:

I don’t know what you’re made of if you aren’t sitting there with a huge fat grin on your face at this very moment! Right?