13,79 and 275 km later – #becauseIsaidIwould

For a couple of years now I’ve set Runkeeper goals for myself, for walking, bicycling and swimming. This years I’ve switched from yearly to quarterly goals, to ensure I don’t end up like last year, having a huge backlog to deal with the last weeks of the year. Today was the last day for the goals of this quarter, and I got done with the bicycling goal a couple of weeks ago, so that’s not been an issue. The swimming hasn’t gone too well, I only went swimming once, so only 10% of that goal (1/10 km) got done. But I had a fair chance at the walking goal of 275 km, with a total of 13 km to go today to reach 100%.

runkeeper doneWhen I woke up to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine, I got my clothes and shoes on and headed out. Got almost 9 km done then, and after that I’ve been inside working all day. So it felt quite nice to get into my shoes again after dinner, to get the remaining 4+ km done. Which I did. Of course. I reached my goal #becauseIsaidIwould

Now, you might argue that I am a bit wobbly with keeping to my goals, since I totally bombed the swimming-goal of 10 km, while walking 13,79 km total today to reach the walking-goal. And yeah. You’re right. It is wobbly. #becauseIsaidIwould reach the swimming goal as well. Or at least I aimed to. But life hasn’t been such that swimming has been a large part of my days this past quarter. And that’s fine. I am not sticking to these goals solely to stick to the goals. I set them because I want to move, because I like to see the numbers stack up, percentage after percentage, and because I have some odd trait of really enjoying keeping records. Some records at least, the time tracking for work is no fun at all, actually…

So all in all, I am very happy with myself. I got two out of three goals done. Yeah me! When I reached the biking goal I decided not to start a new challenge for myself over the summer, and I feel the same about the walking. I’ll pick up on goal-setting again in the fall, I think. Or maybe not… who knows?

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