Join me at the rooftop?

A few days ago my friend Wivan posted a link to a song on Facebook, and I started to listen to it, but my connection was shaky and I couldn’t really hear it. But I sensed I’d really like it, so I sent the link to myself.

And today I watched it, started to dance while seated, found more songs by the same band and fell head over heels in love with Postmodern Jukebox. Amazing! Their cover versions are just sensational. 

So far I’ve only heard about five songs, and this one is breathtakingly beautiful:

I had a great day already, but I tell you, this just sent my day spinning into overdrive. I absolutely love living life in the moment, because then I get to feel what I feel in the moment 100%, fully, vibrantly, totally immersed. And right now I’m immersed in some seriously magnificent music! I love life, absolutely love it, and want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m happy, I’m alive, and life IS! Wanna join me at the rooftop?

Beautiful Sweden

In the middle of Sweden, lenght wise, about 40 km north/inland from Sundsvall, that’s where I’ve been these past days, and I have to say, I’ve been in paradise.









I live at the very southern most tip of Sweden, in Malmö, and I love the scenery in the south as well. Being such a long country, Sweden have such a wide range of natural environments, and I’ve never before been this far north in the summer time. The sun sets, but barely, and that means that it doesn’t get dark at night, see the top picture, taken around midnight or so. Amazing!

I feel recharged and refreshed, and hereby make a promise to myself to return. And I’d love to bring my family as well, because I want to show my kids more of the beauty of Sweden!

Have you ever been to a place like this, that feels like paradise?

Forgotten promises

My husband came walking up the stairs from the basement, with his IPad in hand, playing a tune. He sat down in the sofa, the song ended and he said ”I’ve heard something else by this artist before, I wonder if it’s this song?”, clicked on another tune on YouTube, and then this song started:

I’ve been listening to it now, over and over, and it touches my heart. Sami Yusuf have totally passed me by, but not anymore.

Tonight the world will sleep
But hunger will not wait
For promises we made
We share one soul
We share one land
We have one time to understand

We are one humankind
Brothers side by side
We’ll have no regret
We will not forget
We are one humankind
Sisters side by side
We’ll have no regret
We will not forget

That is so beautiful, and the song is just that, absolutely beautiful.

I believe in the power of music. I believe in the power of arts, and art can be many things. Would you like to share a piece of art with me, that has made a difference in your life?