Lifted spirit!

It’s been a peculiar day, where for the first time ever, I seriously contemplated ditching my Twitter account. I’ve had breaks from Twitter now and then, but never really thought about just leaving it, completely. But this morning the thought crossed my mind. I’ve had lovely conversations on twitter about this today, and have decided not to leave Twitter, just now anyway, but I will clean up my following and also take more care as to what I do there, and with whom I interact. But I still felt a bit off.

So when my daughter came down to me a few minutes ago, with this song playing on her phone, I just knew this was the answer to my peculiar mood. It’s rocking and there is no way in hell I can sit still when listening to this!

You’ll never feel happy, until you try – so that’s what I’m doing now, and dancing wildly to this song sure helps lift my spirit! Over, and over again. It’s irresistible!

Can you sit still while listening to this song?

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