MacBook Pro 15″ cover?

I need your help. I got a MacBook Pro 15″ laptop around New Years, and have yet to buy a cover/bag for it. My old MacBook I travelled quite a bit with and hence I had a thicker padded cover for it, but so far, this computer has only left home once, today, to go to Apple Store for a one-to-one-session. If I am traveling, I’ll likely only bring my Ipad. So I don’t think I need a bolstered cover for it, but it would be nice with something which will both be a bit protective while at the same time being nice-looking.

Help me get a cover that's both stylish and functional, please!

Help me get a cover that’s both stylish and functional, please!

So. What’s your best tip for me? Please share a link or the name of a store or a cover brand that you think I should look into.

What’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you, that you recommend I stay away from? What would you buy? Or would you make a cover yourself even (I really like those of wool felt)? If so, how? (But perhaps those felt ones are more for traveling than daily use? I mean, I just want to snap my computer open when I need to work on it…)

As you can see, I am in some serious need for input here – so please, hit me with your best suggestions!

Join me at the rooftop?

A few days ago my friend Wivan posted a link to a song on Facebook, and I started to listen to it, but my connection was shaky and I couldn’t really hear it. But I sensed I’d really like it, so I sent the link to myself.

And today I watched it, started to dance while seated, found more songs by the same band and fell head over heels in love with Postmodern Jukebox. Amazing! Their cover versions are just sensational. 

So far I’ve only heard about five songs, and this one is breathtakingly beautiful:

I had a great day already, but I tell you, this just sent my day spinning into overdrive. I absolutely love living life in the moment, because then I get to feel what I feel in the moment 100%, fully, vibrantly, totally immersed. And right now I’m immersed in some seriously magnificent music! I love life, absolutely love it, and want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m happy, I’m alive, and life IS! Wanna join me at the rooftop?