Collaborative Co-Creation

You know those wonderful sketches of the ladies that have enriched my statements on this and that? On awareness (or rather, medvetenhet since the post is in Swedish), judgement and compassion. Well. They are the result of a spontaneous co-creative collaboration with my dear friend Sus.


I know she’s a lady of many talents, but I had no idea she was such a great artist until she started to play around on Paper by fiftythree, after she saw me do some doodles there. I highly suggest you check her work out in MIX.

And yes. There are several collaborative pieces hiding in the drawer, just waiting for me to get them into a blog post. Because I sure hope she’ll continue to play with me, for several reasons:

  1. It’s great fun to engage in a creative collaborative co-creating with a friend.
  2. When she creates an image to words I’ve written, she visualizes them in a way that sometimes opens my eyes to the word from a different angle.
  3. Her ladies makes me smile!

When did you last engage in a creative collaborative bit of co-creation?

On compassion


Continuing my collaboration with Sus and her marvelous ladies, prompted by a query from my coach on yesterday’s doodle on judgement. She read what I’d written and added: …and practice self-compassion for our sweet, humble humanity when we notice we have ”fallen into judgment” yet again….

She continued with wondering what my compassion sketch would look like, and that thought crept into my conscious mind during this morning’s meditation. So I brought out my IPad, Paper and Pen, and started doodling. A few botched attempts, and then I sent the text above out into MIX. Send a note to Sus asking if she was up for another collaboration. She said she’d gladly give it a go, and immediately got it right, with little Miss Balancing-Act above.

That’s what it can feel like for me, balancing in life. Putting one feet out in front of me, not knowing if I’ll wobble and fall, or stand steady, ready for the next foot to move ahead. But the real balancing act is about meeting both situations (the wobbly as well as the steady journey ahead) with compassion, for me, and for everyone else.

Realizing how I’m not the only one stumbling through life – occasionally falling down, sometimes in a flow – but this goes for everyone. We are all balancing our way through life. All of us.

Now, there’s a thought to sit with…

Bottnar av medvetenhet

sus om bottnar

Det där skrev Susanne Granat Ahlstrand, min innerligt goda vän, i en tråd häromdagen. Vi hade, tillsammans med ytterligare ett par fina vänner, ett sånt där samtal (ja, jag ser det absolut som ett samtal, även när det sker via tangentbord) som går på djupet, som gör att jag växer, lär mig, expanderar.

Samtal där vi delar med oss, av tankar, erfarenheter, funderingar. Bollar vidare på andras tankar, tar kliv framåt, utåt, utvecklar resonemang, backar emellanåt för att ta ett omtag, förtydligar eller förkastar.

Samtal när de är som allra bäst.

Att vilja vara en människa innebär så många bottnar av medvetenhet.

När Susanne skrev den där meningen så frågade jag bums om jag fick citera henne. Skrev citatet, skapade den omgivande rutan och insåg att något saknades. Frågade därför om hon kunde rita en av sina härliga kvinnofigurer till den, och det gjorde hon. (Heja fiftythree, paper och mix säger jag bara!)

Så nu skickar jag meningen vidare ut i rymden, till dig, att reflektera kring, eller inte. Ditt val fullt ut. Jag tilltalas verkligen av Sus ord, och undrar om den talar till dig?