Podcast 43/52 – How are you?

Guess what? I have a new podcast for you this week. At long last, you might think, perhaps getting fed up with On Being, Good Life Project and One You Feed, with a few others sprinkled on top these past 42 weeks. If that is so, today is your lucky day!

I stumbled upon ProBlogger a month or two ago, and have listened to a handful of episodes. If you are into blogging and want to expand your blogging skills, I would definitely recommend that you check out the entire podcast series from ProBlogger. But this episode holds value to each and every one of us, regardless if we blog or not.

Darren Rowse goes personal, and invite his listeners to do the same, truly asking ourselves the question: How Are You?

HowAreYouIt’s a question that invites an honest look at a lot of areas of life, perhaps all. If you’re up for it. Otherwise, pick one, and go deep.

Health? Diet? Exercise?
Love? Relationships? Friends? Family?
Parenting? Hobbies? Work?

As I ask myself How are you, in general I’ve never been so well, as I am today. As far as I know, I have my health, I eat better than ever, move about daily, even though, if I’m honest – there’s a nagging sense of wanting to be stronger and have more stamina. So there’s something to look into some more. Or. Perhaps I should just get on it, instead of looking into it… I mean. I know what it takes. Knowing myself, the best way to go about it, is to make a plan. Once I commit to a plan, it seems I don’t have a hard time sticking to it. So a plan it will be.

I listened to this podcast two times, back to back, so there is something about How are you that beckons me. It’s very easy to just breeze over a question like this one, especially since in many English-speaking countries it’s a greeting phrase, and not really meant to be answered honestly. Or? I wonder if I am?

Experiment more!

Yesterday me and my business partner Ulf had a brainstorm around the purpose of our mutual endeavors, and really diving deep into the question Why was great fun. While we were brainstorming, laughing, lunching and planning, several things from the Tai Lopez-podcast from London Real that I recommended last week popped up for me. It made me realize there were many things that I’ve been quietly digesting since last weekend when I listened to the show twice.

These things in particular were very well suited to the wild ideas and discussions of yesterday:

* Experiment more – but never longer than 18 months. If it’s not good after 18 months, cut your losses and get out!

* Double down – meaning: do more of that which works really well, the actions that serve you and your business, making a profit, as well as learning, growing, staying and getting fit and expanding as a human being.

* Friends & family – surround yourself with friends and family, and double down on relationships with people close to you. It’s not about having the highest number of friends, make each friend really valuable instead. money

* Fuel units – that’s what Tai calls money. Fuel units. If you have a car, you need fuel units to make it move. Same goes with everything else. We need fuel units to make things happen in the world, and with them you can do good, just as you can do evil. But since the golden circle (our Why) for me and Ulf is ”to make the world a little better”, we’re opting for doing good.

Just a few tidbits of the three hour long Tai Lopez-interview on London Real, but tidbits which I am playing with, in my head, and in my conversations. And, as importantly, in taking action as well. I’m playing with the idea of looking at all action taken, all courses laid out, all plans, conversations and endeavors I engage in, as experiments. Nothing is permanent. Everything is in movement, constantly shifting. Decisions are made, in the moment, but very few of them are written in stone, even though I have certainly been guilty of treating many decisions as being permanent. And then, in a heartbeat, something happens and life get’s flipped upside down. So why not play around and experiment more?

Bye bye 2014!

Another year has passed and what a year. A year of transformation, a year in which I integrated myself into myself. A year unlike any other, so I’m curious about what will show up in my mind, when I set out to oom out to see what the year has offered.

During 2014 I participated in Supercoach Academy, which undoubtedly has had an enormous impact on my life. It has given me so much insight, so many experiences, immensely valuable friendships. Life will never be the same. And I’m grateful for it!

#skolvåren has obviously been a big part of my life even in 2014 and I remember with special warmth how amazing it was to experience Almedalsweekwith so so many #schoolspringers, all of which have a permanent place in my heart. In a short while we head for #afkUmeå and I can hardly wait!

Peak District
During the summer holidays the Roths traveled to England. No definite plans apart from start/stop in Ely, where we have family. Turned out to become a wonderful trip up to the Peak District. I particularly remember a visit to a deep mine and subsequent wanderings along the rolling hills dotted with sheep. The beauty of nature never sieze to amaze me!

Mastermind gang
A new constellation and astonishingly important for me. Never before have I so clearly understood the importance of creating contexts that challenge me to be and become my best self. Without you all, this year would be much less than it has been. You hold a space for me in which to grow, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Appreciation Calendar
Read a blog post a few months before Christmas on creating an appreciation calendar, which I decided upon. All four family members were given an envelope and in it we collectively penned 24 appreciations for each one of us. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend it, because it really creates an opportunity to experience, and share, gratitude.

This is the year we got chicks! This monumental event has a definitive spot in the summary of 2014. Our three hens of the breed Faverolle, are so beautiful, and so talkative it’s funny. And did they ever grow quickly!! No eggs in sight as yet, but we are eagerly awaiting them now that daylight begins to return more and more.

Coach Carla
Carla is one of my SCA2014-colleagues, who made a big impression upon me, already the first weekend in Santa Monica. I hired her as my coach this fall and am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her. She holds such depth. Such a compassion for beings. And her soul is beautiful. Not to mention her amazing voice. Namaste Carla, I look forward to continuing to work with you during the 2015.

I’ve read a huge amount of blog posts during the last 5-6 years …. but in 2014, I basically did not follow any blog. I’ve read a post here, a post there, but not opened my Feedly at all. Instead I dove headfirst into the world of podcasts. And oh, how many amazing podcasts there are out there!

You know who you are. You know, hopefully, how important you are. You are always there for me and I’m moved to tears just writing this. You are so important to me. Love you!

Steve Chandler talk for 25 minutes about expectations versus agreements, and of all the pods I listened to in 2015 this is perhaps the one that turned my world upside down the most, in the very best of ways!

Significant meetings
Thanks to SCA2014 I have also visited highschool friends (Apple Valley and Seattle) that I haven’t seen in 24 years. I met up with a good friend from the American South, whom I met 20 years ago online, but had never met away from keyboard before. We did New York for a few days, days filled with laughter and explorations. And I had the pleasure to enjoy the company of Max and Mary for a couple of relaxing days on Long Island.

100 conversations challenge
In August, I initiated a 30-day challenge to find 100 people who all wanted to participate in a two-hour free coaching conversation with me. I filled the list with 100+ and have never had so many conversations ever, as I’ve had this fall. A small portion of the conversations remains to be had, and I eagerly look forward to resume them after the holidays. People have abilities and experiences that amaze me, and it makes me humbly grateful to take part of them, for two hours. For it has indeed been magical. Fantastic. Educational. Touching. Uplifting. Developing.

thanks 2014What I mention here is just a fraction of everything I experienced during the year and they are not set in any type of order. Fully random, this is what felt important to highlight, as I write this. But if I try to summarize what my perception of my life right now is, I’d have to say that I now live life with appreciation, love and joy. I discover what it is like to live when I have a kind and loving inner dialogue, in a quite outrageously developing and embracing context and I feel really alive.

So to all whom I have met, in one way or another, in 2014, I want to give you my deepest thanks, a thank you coming from my innermost being.

Thank you! You are important to me!