Podcast 43/52 – How are you?

Guess what? I have a new podcast for you this week. At long last, you might think, perhaps getting fed up with On Being, Good Life Project and One You Feed, with a few others sprinkled on top these past 42 weeks. If that is so, today is your lucky day!

I stumbled upon ProBlogger a month or two ago, and have listened to a handful of episodes. If you are into blogging and want to expand your blogging skills, I would definitely recommend that you check out the entire podcast series from ProBlogger. But this episode holds value to each and every one of us, regardless if we blog or not.

Darren Rowse goes personal, and invite his listeners to do the same, truly asking ourselves the question: How Are You?

HowAreYouIt’s a question that invites an honest look at a lot of areas of life, perhaps all. If you’re up for it. Otherwise, pick one, and go deep.

Health? Diet? Exercise?
Love? Relationships? Friends? Family?
Parenting? Hobbies? Work?

As I ask myself How are you, in general I’ve never been so well, as I am today. As far as I know, I have my health, I eat better than ever, move about daily, even though, if I’m honest – there’s a nagging sense of wanting to be stronger and have more stamina. So there’s something to look into some more. Or. Perhaps I should just get on it, instead of looking into it… I mean. I know what it takes. Knowing myself, the best way to go about it, is to make a plan. Once I commit to a plan, it seems I don’t have a hard time sticking to it. So a plan it will be.

I listened to this podcast two times, back to back, so there is something about How are you that beckons me. It’s very easy to just breeze over a question like this one, especially since in many English-speaking countries it’s a greeting phrase, and not really meant to be answered honestly. Or? I wonder if I am?

The choice is mine

Now. I might just be really slow on the uptake, but I was seriously astounded by an aha-moment I had a few months ago when I read what went something like this:

Each time you eat you have a choice, whether or not to put something in your mouth that brings you either towards health or towards unhealth.

Now, I am very conscious about food and know what’s healthy etc, but still – the simplicity of this statement brought me to a stand still. I froze. And realized the beauty of actually putting it down to this, each and everytime I either eat or drink. Because sometimes I might not care, I’d rather choose something yummy and totally bad for me than refrain. And that’s fine. Because othertimes I’ll choose to refrain or to pick and choose more carefully, in order to actually bring me towards physical health.
Now, for some things I’d rather have a once-in-a-lifetime-choice to make rather than having to decide each and every time. But for other things, not so prone towards the never-again-option that pops into my head when I think about this. For the #cleanse4expansion project I’m currently running, I decided when I started to do a minimum of 15 minute of daily cleansing. Easy. Choice made. Mind made up. And yup, I’ve stuck by it, because I said I would. But when it comes to eating and drinking, I’ve certainly thought about it a lot, but haven’t made any decisions like that. Yet. Might. Who know’s right?
But still. The ”stop eating crap all the time”-diet certainly appeals to me. That’s for sure. And I don’t. Eat crap all the time, that is. Once in a while, yup. Haven’t gone absolute on this. Yet, as I just said. I might. I am certainly well on my way to a severely reduced crap-intake, that’s for sure. Being flexitarian I very rarely eat meat (and when I do, it’s very seldom ”industrial-grade” meat), on account of this our skillet is very rarely used, I eat more and more organic food, lots of fruits and vegetables, my morning green smoothies are to die for, the raw food balls I make are an excellent snack together with a handful of (organic and soaked) almonds, and so on.
But am I a purist? No. Not at all. I eat the occational take-away pizza. Chips, cakes, popcorn, desserts. I eat candy. Or at least did. Am contemplating cutting candy out of my diet actually – with the exception of chocolate. I love chocolate, dark, organic, preferably plain. Yum. Well. You get the picture. And the thing is, being more aware that there is a choice to eat/drink my way towards health or unhealth makes the choice to go for the healthy stuff easier and easier. But it all comes down to one thing: I feel better. I have more stamina. My body and I are becoming good friends. I listen more to what my body is telling me, and I am more loving towards it. I want it to thrive!
So, have you tried the new ”stop eating crap all the time”-diet yet?