A full year of Seven

On Tuesday I did my 366th consecutive seven-workout, as logged on my #SevenApp, which you can see from the check mark after the ”There is no 7 month goal”-challenge.

full year sevenI’m at day 368 today, so I will just keep on going. One day at a time. And it’s interesting to do this, every day, because of my observations from day to day. Sometimes I am so tired, weak, my body heavy and almost immovable, making it feel very hard. Other days I am bouncing around, feeling light and strong, pushing myself and loving it. But I don’t do my seven-routine based on my daily mood. If I did, I would not be at a full year of daily seven’s, not even close! My daily seven-routine is done from another angle, from my desire to treat my body good, to give it a bit of a workout every day, stretching my muscles, getting my heart pumping, pushing my limits.

In short: my success is due to my long-term desire, rather than my in-the-moment-mood. Is it even possible to achieve something like this if the underlying driver is mood-based?

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