PostIt heaven

Today I’ve been in PostIt heaven, and I am not done for the day either. Am still working on collating the last of them to be able to ship it all to my client, so all of the wisdom and insight can be utilized for further progress and development.20140618-232433-84273313.jpgOne of the questions I asked today was ”Who do you need to Be to help make a positive change?”, which alongside the question ”What do you need to Do to help make a positive change?” sums up the relationship between human Beings and human Doings. We need both, but if we Do a lot of things without anchoring the action taken in our Beings, we can end up a long way from where we want to go.

So, my question to you, in regards to some instance where you are seeking a positive change of some kind:

Who do you need to Be to help make this change?


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