The natural progress of society is surging!

Shocked to hear about the horrific attack on French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo yesterday. Woke up this morning and thought about the video clip with Reza Aslan slamming Bill Maher for saying ”Islam promotes violence”. What I hear Reza say is urge us all to taking extra care of our words, refraining from generalizations that harm more than anything else.

If you haven’t watched it, here it is:

Then, while making my morning green smoothie, I wanted to listen to a pod cast, and found an interview with Reza Aslan on On Being, which I listened to, taking great comfort in Rezas conclusion:

And so when I see fundamentalism surge, I know that what is really happening is that the natural progress of society is surging. And that fundamentalism is just reacting to it. So, I choose to focus on the progress, not the reaction to it.

It’s a very interesting conversation on the whole, as always with On Being, and it’s definitely well worth the time to listen to it:

Like Reza Aslan, I chose to focus on the progress of society as well. But at times like these, it sure takes some extra effort, not to fall into despair and angst. But I hope we can help each other stick to the path of progress, of love, light and gratitude. Will you help me, please?

PostIt heaven

Today I’ve been in PostIt heaven, and I am not done for the day either. Am still working on collating the last of them to be able to ship it all to my client, so all of the wisdom and insight can be utilized for further progress and development.20140618-232433-84273313.jpgOne of the questions I asked today was ”Who do you need to Be to help make a positive change?”, which alongside the question ”What do you need to Do to help make a positive change?” sums up the relationship between human Beings and human Doings. We need both, but if we Do a lot of things without anchoring the action taken in our Beings, we can end up a long way from where we want to go.

So, my question to you, in regards to some instance where you are seeking a positive change of some kind:

Who do you need to Be to help make this change?