Being aware – reflection #2

Sticking to my awareness-theme, I pick up the next set of questions from my original post. Now let’s see what I might discover today.

How do you Do awareness?
What a relevant question. And such a difficult question to answer. Because how Do you Do awareness? *pause to reflect and sit with the question*
Well. I guess, for me, doing awareness isn’t really visible on the outside, it’s more something that goes on within me, which then might manifests visibly, in my actions and the way I show up in the world.

What is the relationship between being and doing awareness?
Being aware comes before the doing of awareness. I don’t think it can be the other way around and they don’t work in parallel either. Being precedes doing. It’s as simple as that. Do you agree?being precedes doing

How can you tell when another person acts out of awareness? Or when he/she
doesn’t? Is it visible somehow?
These questions all belong together. And yes, sometimes I can tell if a person acts out of awareness or when he/she doesn’t. Sometimes I can’t. I guess it varies. However, I actually think I can sense it, intuit it, more often than I can actually see it with my eyes. Whether or not I use my intuition to sense it, or I use my eyes to see it, I guess what I spot is incongruencies, when there’s a mis-match between being and doing. Something that is un-synchronized, out of tune, not as it should be.

Is there a limit, a point where you are fully aware, saturated, unable to become more aware? If so, can human beings reach that point? Is it even desirable?
Another set of questions that belong together.
And no. I don’t think we can reach that point, at least not staying a human being.
Actually. I have a sense that once a person is 100% aware, saturated with awareness, unable to become more aware… he or she will cease to exist, revert into godhood, no longer having a place in the human realm. Being human and living the human experience means there is always more to learn, to grasp, understand, discover, be curious about. There is no such thing as a comprehensively aware human being. Because once we reach a point of all-knowing, we are god, pure and simple, and the need for our human form will be no more.

Do I know this last to be true? Heck no.

I haven’t got the faintest idea if this is the way it is, or just a figment of my imagination. But it’s as far as my reflections on awareness and humankind have taken me. To this date. Who know’s where I will be on this subject tomorrow. Perhaps my awareness will have taken me somewhere completely different?

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