Listen/Read/Watch – Sept ’14

Read a beautiful post on Born Happy the other day, and got inspired. Figured why not create a playlist of the month just like Lian did, and let you in on what moves me this month, when it comes to listening, reading and watching! So here it goes:

Last year and the previous 5 or so were my blog reading years, but I’ve not followed a single blog continously during 2014. Instead, 2014 has been a pod-year for me, when I’ve listened to more pod talks than ever before! This month I’m heavily into The one you feed, and three talks stand out especially for me. I’ve listened to them all more than once, and hear different things each time. The episodes with Lama Kathy Wesley, Timber Hawkeye and Jonathan Fields are all great choices to get yourself acquianted with The one you feed.

OK, so I’m not a proliferent blog reader anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read. I do. Books. Loads of books. I have been turning to fiction again lately, since my head starts spinning with new thought when I read non-fiction at bed time. A book that really made an impact on me was The Buddha in the attic by Julie Otsuka. It’s a strange read, but it captured me from page one, and made me feel as if I had to keep on reading. A little bit like I have to keep on breathing. That urge to draw one more breath, when the air has left my lungs, was the urge I had while reading this book. I just wanted to read one more page, hear the voice of yet one more – anonymous – Japanese bride. The book opened me up to a moment in history which I have not given much thought before.

Watched the movie Pay it forward with my two children last Friday. The eldest was amazed that I had never seen it before, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Now I have though, and boy were we crying our eyes out at the end of the movie. It’s a lovely little film, because of the general message, which is paying it forward, meaning (in this film) to do something (big) for three other people, who in turn have to do something (big) for three other people and so on. It’s a concept I am fond of, and believe in, mostly because I see it as a way to jolt me into being human, rather than doing human. Why? Well, because what stops me from being human is usually just my thoughts. Thoughts of ”Oh, well I can’t make a difference, can I?”, ”What will this person think if I do something for them?” or even worse ”What might someone else think…”. Know what I mean? When I am being human, I connect to that which connects us all, all the time, and acts on it. Big or small, doesn’t really matter to me, but just being that person makes a difference.

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What have you been listening to, reading or watching this past month, that you’d like to share? Won’t you please write a comment (please write on on Lian’s original post as well, spreading your playlist to a larger audience as well!) and give us your best tips, ok?

2 tankar på “Listen/Read/Watch – Sept ’14

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  2. Yes The One You Feed is my new favorite Podcast too.
    Especially episode 37 Srini Pillay

    Today I started listening to Brené Browns
    The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection, and Courage

    On TV I’m currently Watching the 2 Sci-Fi Series Orphan Black and Continuum that asks allot of What If questions 🙂

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