Being aware – reflection #4

Last and final day of dipping my toe into being aware, as a warm-up for the Summit for Human Potential Realization, which starts tomorrow in Netherlands. It’s been a ride already, just these past four days of immersing myself into being aware, so I’m very curious as to what wants to happen these coming three days as I will be diving headfirst into human potential realization with all the participants of the summit..

What is made possible when you live life out of a place of heightened awareness?
What happens to you? Those around you? The world?

Today I’ve had an experience that certainly gave me a glimpse of what a heightened awareness means and makes possible. I’m not sure I can describe it though. But I can tell you this, it certainly whetted my appetite for experiencing more, experimenting more, discovering and going deeper.
What happens… clarity and calmness. Leveling. It’s as if the components are all in place, only the settings change. Like classical greek dramas, all containing the same main ingredients/characters, only set in different surroundings. Life is like a multitude of greek dramas, in other words. On one level of awareness a specific play is enacted. When I drop down to another level, as my awareness is enriched, another drama enfolds. So what ever I’ve encountered on one level, will, in a sense, reappear on all the other levels, only in different costume. I truly sensed that today. My inner judge has been a verbal judge, and to a large extent I don’t hear it anymore. Today as I dropped down to a deeper level, the judge reappeared, but not in the same form as before. Today my inner judge put on another costume, communicating with me through my body, rather than through words in my mind. That’s a first. Interesting experience.

greek dramas

Is anything made impossible when living life out of a place of heightened awareness?
Is anything made impossible? That’s the same as asking if everything is possible. And yes. I think so. I actually already think anything is possible, we just don’t live life out of that starting point. With a raised awareness perhaps more people would? And as a direct result, they would embark on journeys to create the impossible, which would stretch the boundaries for what we now to be possible, push the edge of possible into the impossible, expanding, expanding, expanding.

What would the world look like with a raised awareness in humankind?
Different I believe. And as I’ve decided to believe in the good of humankind as well as truly believing the universe is a friendly place, the image I paint of a world with more aware human beings, is a world I’d love to live in, to experience. With love, generosity, care, humor, laughter and joy. Not a ”perfect” world. Not a world without sorrow, angst and pain, but a world where we are so much better equipped to live life, fully, to truly live a good life, regardless of the external circumstances. Because it’s possible. Perhaps what’s stopping us is the demons in our minds, as Måns Zelmerlöw sings in Heroes?

We are the heroes of our time
But we’re dancing with the demons in our minds

Are there fewer demons to fight when operating from a heightened awareness? Or are they simply in a different costume? And if there are demons in our minds, wouldn’t there also be angels? Why not dance more with them instead?

The event horizon

I listened to Parker Palmer giving this commencement address to the graduating class at Naropa University, and several times I got goose bumps and shivers. For me, those have become telltale signs that there’s something important and/or very true being shared.

BoldomaticPost_As-you-integrate-ignorance-anThe six suggestions Parker provides on living a life worth exploring are simple. And powerful. So powerful I followed my urge to split this recommendation into six consecutive blog posts. You can read my thoughts on the first suggestion here.

The second suggestion is: As you integrate ignorance and failure into your knowledge and success, do the same with all the alien parts of yourself.

What I hear him say is that each of us is a complex individual, with lightness and darkness within. A friend of mine talks to me about black holes, something I know very little about. As I understand it, the boundary between so called normal universe and a black hole is called the event horizon.

That is just about the most poetic description of an edge that I have ever heard. When I heard Parker Palmer speak of the alien parts of me, I saw the event horizon before my eyes. It’s within me. Light. Shadow. Both exist, and are invaluable to me. And we can only ever know ourselves, if we acknowledge and cherish all parts of ourselves. It’s along the edges where magic happens, where light and shadow meet.

So when we utilize our full self, with light and shadow both, there is no end to what we can accomplish. That’s how the impossible becomes possible. And when we dare to see both our light and our shadow, our power is increased. Have you claimed and named your shadow?

From the deepest despair to the highest hope

Yesterday at the Innate Health conference a man by the name of Dicken Bettinger spoke. And how he spoke. Dicken shared a few stories, one of which related to a troubled teen, and that’s the one that got to me, real hard. A few minutes in on his sharing my eyes started to tear up and by the end I was sobbing, uncontrollably.  

From a place of opposing feelings; from the deepest despair, that we, ordinary people, can innocently be so cruel to each other, to the highest hope, that if you are listened to, by someone who has an understanding of the way the world actually works (inside out), your life can change in an instant.

Does that sound too easy? As if I look at turning from despair to hope with just a thought as something too lightheartedly?

I ensure you I don’t. But I think you just like I, have experienced at least once in your life, a change of heart, where you go from one state of mind to another, in the blink of an eye, in the time it takes to think one thought.

There’s a quote from Sydney Banks that describes this perfectly:

Everybody, everybody, is only one thought away from whatever you’re looking for, if you can find that one thought. And that one thought — do you know what it is? It’s a state of thoughtlessness, thoughtlessness from the little personal mind. This is why people meditate. The second your mind quietens down, what you call divine mind, spiritual mind, spiritual intelligence, spiritual knowledge, true knowledge — all the same thing in different names — comes into being. And you get what you call an insight, that is a sight from within, deep past your personal mind, and all of a sudden, your world changes. 

That’s where my hope lies. In the fact that a change of heart, a shifting of the way I see and experience the world, can happen in a heartbeat, born by the wisdom contained within one thought. That’s hopeful. And I rejoice at the fact that even though I realized the other day that I will not be coming to this type of conferences again (for now at least), I was there yesterday for an experience that shook me to the core. In the very best of ways, mind you, because I only stayed in despair for a short time. The hopefulness of it all takes over in me, and from there, beautiful things can happen. Because I know that anything is possible. That’s the message for me, after these three days at the Innate Health conference: look to and come from love and understanding. Then anything is possible. Anything. Even the seemingly impossible. Such as turning from a world of despair into a world of hope, all of a sudden. Hopeful isn’t it?


I got a gift today. There was a package in the mailbox when I went to check if any snail mail had come (normally just bills or the odd flyer). After looking at it for a few seconds I remembered that a friend from across the big pond told me he’d sent me a book. bill strickland

Eagerly I opened the package, and found Make the impossible possible, by Bill Strickland.

How very fitting given my new relationship with the words Impossible and Possible, after spending 90 days on the Creating the impossible-course.

As I google Bill Strickland, I realize Dave sure knew what he was doing when he sent me this book. Oh my, this is gonna be a treat of a book to read!

And luckily enough, I was inspired by Tai Lopez talking about reading a book a day. I’ve not gotten that far, but I do take a #bookoftheday-moment every morning. This means I’m actually starting to make progress on the number of books I’ve got stashed away, just waiting for me to read them. So Dave, Bill will end up in the stack on my bedside table, and will be read within the next few weeks. That’s a promise. 

What books are on your bedside table at the moment?

Au revoir!

Have two friends, very dear to my heart, that are embarking upon a grand adventure on November 7th. Or rather, about a year ago or so, they actually set the ball rolling, that has led to the point of them selling their house, packing up all their stuff, to head south in not even two weeks time.


Last night they had an Au revoir-get together for friends and neighbors at a really cosy restaurant in Malmö, and I went of course. To hug, get a bit teary eyed, hug some more, have dinner, talk to interesting people – old and new acquiantances – and get to say Au revoir to Wivan and Anders.

My life is enriched thanks to their courage to explore space – both inner and outer – and to share their discoveries with me, and us all, for instance through their blog LIVE FULLY TODAY.

Wivan and Anders, know that I love and honor you, and bless the day our paths crossed!

Witnessing the inner and outer journey of these two truly extra ordinary souls, is an inspiration. And it makes me wonder what is possible in my life, that today seems totally impossible. I’m curious to find out! Are you?