Au revoir!

Have two friends, very dear to my heart, that are embarking upon a grand adventure on November 7th. Or rather, about a year ago or so, they actually set the ball rolling, that has led to the point of them selling their house, packing up all their stuff, to head south in not even two weeks time.


Last night they had an Au revoir-get together for friends and neighbors at a really cosy restaurant in Malmö, and I went of course. To hug, get a bit teary eyed, hug some more, have dinner, talk to interesting people – old and new acquiantances – and get to say Au revoir to Wivan and Anders.

My life is enriched thanks to their courage to explore space – both inner and outer – and to share their discoveries with me, and us all, for instance through their blog LIVE FULLY TODAY.

Wivan and Anders, know that I love and honor you, and bless the day our paths crossed!

Witnessing the inner and outer journey of these two truly extra ordinary souls, is an inspiration. And it makes me wonder what is possible in my life, that today seems totally impossible. I’m curious to find out! Are you?

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