Podcast 42/52 – to hold the question

Like last weeks tip, here’s another podcast that I’ve been putting off blogging about, because it’s simply so rich that I am at a loss to find the words to write about it. It’s an episode from Good Life Project this time, with Nilofer Merchant, my favorite walk-and-talk-lady!

Nilofer is a woman who’s led a very interesting life, that’s for sure. She shares openly and without a lot of sentiment, but still, there is a vulnerability to it. She talks about her inner tyrant *been there, done that* and then a very interesting piece of conversation follows, on ”sustained uncertainty”. Just listen, and you’ll get what that points at.

Anyway. I’ve listened to this show umpteen times, and the other day I listened again. And guess what! I heard something I hadn’t heard the other times. Isn’t that amazing? How I suddenly got something else, probably because I listened differently this last time.

Joint creation by Vanessa Smith and Helena Roth at Summit of Human Potential Realization.

Joint creation of the global community by Vanessa Smith and Helena Roth at Summit for Human Potential Realization.

The thoughts about community and the epidemic of people feeling alone and cut off from the rest of the world… How we are actually not paying attention to the phenomenal amount of communities we are a part of, and then they give example after example, and I had to stop to take it all in. There are a few communities that I instantly come up with if you’d ask me what I ”am a part of” so to speak. But what Nilofer and Jonathan point to, is a much larger sense of community, that really stopped me in my tracks, this time around. I am very grateful for that!

Oh. And then, the part about questions and answers, close to the end. As a person enamored with questions, this part blew me away:

My job is to hold the question. […] I think most of us were trained with the idea that you needed to know the answer. […] if you actually own the question, other people can help you with the answer […] and more importantly, they can help you make the answer a reality! – Nilofer Merchant

There’s a question that’s been a constant companion of mine these past two and a half, close to three years. And I still haven’t gotten tired of it. What’s the question that lie at the center of your life?

Being aware – reflection #4

Last and final day of dipping my toe into being aware, as a warm-up for the Summit for Human Potential Realization, which starts tomorrow in Netherlands. It’s been a ride already, just these past four days of immersing myself into being aware, so I’m very curious as to what wants to happen these coming three days as I will be diving headfirst into human potential realization with all the participants of the summit..

What is made possible when you live life out of a place of heightened awareness?
What happens to you? Those around you? The world?

Today I’ve had an experience that certainly gave me a glimpse of what a heightened awareness means and makes possible. I’m not sure I can describe it though. But I can tell you this, it certainly whetted my appetite for experiencing more, experimenting more, discovering and going deeper.
What happens… clarity and calmness. Leveling. It’s as if the components are all in place, only the settings change. Like classical greek dramas, all containing the same main ingredients/characters, only set in different surroundings. Life is like a multitude of greek dramas, in other words. On one level of awareness a specific play is enacted. When I drop down to another level, as my awareness is enriched, another drama enfolds. So what ever I’ve encountered on one level, will, in a sense, reappear on all the other levels, only in different costume. I truly sensed that today. My inner judge has been a verbal judge, and to a large extent I don’t hear it anymore. Today as I dropped down to a deeper level, the judge reappeared, but not in the same form as before. Today my inner judge put on another costume, communicating with me through my body, rather than through words in my mind. That’s a first. Interesting experience.

greek dramas

Is anything made impossible when living life out of a place of heightened awareness?
Is anything made impossible? That’s the same as asking if everything is possible. And yes. I think so. I actually already think anything is possible, we just don’t live life out of that starting point. With a raised awareness perhaps more people would? And as a direct result, they would embark on journeys to create the impossible, which would stretch the boundaries for what we now to be possible, push the edge of possible into the impossible, expanding, expanding, expanding.

What would the world look like with a raised awareness in humankind?
Different I believe. And as I’ve decided to believe in the good of humankind as well as truly believing the universe is a friendly place, the image I paint of a world with more aware human beings, is a world I’d love to live in, to experience. With love, generosity, care, humor, laughter and joy. Not a ”perfect” world. Not a world without sorrow, angst and pain, but a world where we are so much better equipped to live life, fully, to truly live a good life, regardless of the external circumstances. Because it’s possible. Perhaps what’s stopping us is the demons in our minds, as Måns Zelmerlöw sings in Heroes?

We are the heroes of our time
But we’re dancing with the demons in our minds

Are there fewer demons to fight when operating from a heightened awareness? Or are they simply in a different costume? And if there are demons in our minds, wouldn’t there also be angels? Why not dance more with them instead?