Create the impossible – cleanse4expansion!

So, yesterday I started a new 90 day adventure! It was the official kick off date for the Create the impossible-class, and I kicked it off my launching a new blog: cleanse4expansion.
I’m reflagging the initial post here, and will try to keep both blogs going with daily postings, without mixing them up too much.
It would make me very happy if you helped to cheer me along as I try to create the impossible! When did you last try to create something impossible?


cleanse4expansionToday marks the start of the Create the impossible-online class, and I look forward to 90 days of challenges and cheers. I’ve already decided upon my project, hence this new blog: cleanse4expansion! (I normally blog at and will continue to do so during this period as well. If you’re curious as to who I am, check it out over there!)

What I intend to create, which certainly feels impossible, during the next 90 days, is to cleanse my physical and digital home, allowing for spiritual expansion.

I started off thinking about a cleanse of my physical home, intending to go through every nook and cranny, not leaving any stone unturned, with the exception of my husbands things/clothes. But honestly, even though we have foor floors altogether, with an attics, a top floor, a  ground floor, and a basement, going through everything contained within the four walls…

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