I got a gift today. There was a package in the mailbox when I went to check if any snail mail had come (normally just bills or the odd flyer). After looking at it for a few seconds I remembered that a friend from across the big pond told me he’d sent me a book. bill strickland

Eagerly I opened the package, and found Make the impossible possible, by Bill Strickland.

How very fitting given my new relationship with the words Impossible and Possible, after spending 90 days on the Creating the impossible-course.

As I google Bill Strickland, I realize Dave sure knew what he was doing when he sent me this book. Oh my, this is gonna be a treat of a book to read!

And luckily enough, I was inspired by Tai Lopez talking about reading a book a day. I’ve not gotten that far, but I do take a #bookoftheday-moment every morning. This means I’m actually starting to make progress on the number of books I’ve got stashed away, just waiting for me to read them. So Dave, Bill will end up in the stack on my bedside table, and will be read within the next few weeks. That’s a promise. 

What books are on your bedside table at the moment?

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