Giving away control?

Alan Watts speaks about organic leadership with his slightly hypnotic voice, and I freeze. Pause. Listen very intently. Play the clip over and over again, at least four times in a row. Hear new things everytime, am moved by what I hear.

In giving away the control, you’ve got it!

That’s a sentence that rings very true to me today, but just two, three years ago, it would have terrified me. I desperately needed,or thought I needed, to have the type of control Alan refers to here, the one lording over everyone else, fighting hard to get things done my way, not believing anyone else was as capable as me so I’d really better just do it myself from the get go etc.

And now…. who’s to say my way is the best way? Well. I was. Back then. Not so much anymore. Back then I wasn’t great at trusting others, but today, I’ve come to know – fully, in the deepest part of me, soul and all – that the act of trust that Alan speaks about is the way of love and acceptance.

In giving away the control, you’ve got it.

That sentence doesn’t terrify me at all now. How about you? Is there anything you *believe you* have control over that you could not relinquish?

Knock you upside the head with a shovel?

I’ve written over and over again about the podcast of Julia Butterfly Hill interviewed by Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity. Find it on iTunes or here:

I talked to you about how every so often, the way life works, sooner or later, life might pick up a shovel and knock you upside the head with it. When we get resentful, fearful, and anxious, it is like picking up the shovel and hitting ourselves back in the head with it. It does not actually pick up the shovel and use it for something constructive. It just knocks us back in the head with it. Whereas if we can shift our thoughts, we can maybe take that shovel and do something constructive with it.

Now. I know there is no way for me to control what thoughts come into my head. NO WAY! I cannot control this. However. If/When I get a ”You silly twat, I’m gonna hit you over the head with a shovel”-thought into my head, what I can do is control how I react on it. When Julia say ”shift your thoughts” this is how I interpret her. I don’t have to act on the thought, I don’t have to believe the thought, and I definitely don’t have to act in a way that doesn’t serve me. I can just as easily act in a way that does serve me.

It’s all thought, it’s not Truth.

I’ve become better and better at not hitting myself with said shovel. Because, you see, I used to be champion of the world in this field, for a long long time. But I realized that it’s not serving me AT ALL to hold this world championship title! So I’ve gradually learned not to go there, not to believe the ”You silly twat, I’m gonna hit you over the head with a shovel”-thoughts, and more importantly, not to hang onto them. When they come, they come. Nothing I can do about that. But I have a choice in how I respond and relate to that thought.

There’s a quote by Wayne Dyer that goes like this:

You create your thoughts,
your thoughts create your intentions,
and your intensions create your reality.

Now. I agree with the two latter parts, but not the ”I create my thoughts”-part. Because I don’t create them. So I’d like to rephrase:


So, what do you do when you get a ”You silly twat, I’m gonna hit you over the head with a shovel”-thought? And does that response serve you?

Why aren’t we awesomer?

Michael Neill participated in TEDxBend and I just got a hold of his talk. I laughed, and figured that I no longer have to ponder what to post today. Here it comes:

As a student on Supercoach Academy 2014 I have the pleasure of spending time with Michael, and I have to say, this is the best investments I’ve ever made! And you know what really rocks my world? That I’m investing in me. That’s a fab feeling (stemming from a thought!), let me tell you!

Have you ever given any thought to thoughts (yours or in general)?

Where do thoughts come from?

Can I control what thoughts I think?
(Spoiler: No you cannot! Thought come, thoughts go, and that’s all there is to that!)

What do they result in?

If thoughts lead to a feeling (Spoiler number two: My feelings comes from thoughts. All of them. All.), do I have to believe in that feeling?

Do I have to act upon it?
(Spoiler number three: No you don’t. And acknowledging that what I feel – which is genuine, the feeling is there – stems from a thought, makes it much easier for me to act, rather than react! Try it out and see for yourself.)

So, why aren’t we awesomer? What’s your take on that question?

Eco system engineers

Oh, what a lovely – and significantly important! – video on the eco system engineering powers of wolves:

I love how nature naturally strive towards balance. But in a sense I feel humans have lost touch with that concept. And somehow it strikes me how odd it is, that human beings, in our quest to conquer and control nature, seem to believe we are not a PART of nature, but rather the rulers of it?