Head count or heart count?

Talked to a client about leadership, and was reminded of this TED Talk by Simon Sinek:

I have a feeling that leadership today isn’t about asserting my will, fighting to get everyone onboard my ship, but rather to harness the strength and potential of all in my surroundings, to achieve something that also will benefit the world in a broader sense.

Achievement for your company, at the cost of others, isn’t sustainable, and I would argue that it’s not beneficial for anyone, really. Achievement for me at the cost of you, I believe is harmful. To us both. Because when we step on somebody else to get to the top, we are hurting ourselves at the same time, because we are connected.

I look forward to the day when I see more and more proof of the circle of trust that Simon talks about, the one where we count hearts rather than heads. I can actively participate in creating this future. And so can you. How? You tell me! What can you do today to take a step towards this future?

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