Giving away control?

Alan Watts speaks about organic leadership with his slightly hypnotic voice, and I freeze. Pause. Listen very intently. Play the clip over and over again, at least four times in a row. Hear new things everytime, am moved by what I hear.

In giving away the control, you’ve got it!

That’s a sentence that rings very true to me today, but just two, three years ago, it would have terrified me. I desperately needed,or thought I needed, to have the type of control Alan refers to here, the one lording over everyone else, fighting hard to get things done my way, not believing anyone else was as capable as me so I’d really better just do it myself from the get go etc.

And now…. who’s to say my way is the best way? Well. I was. Back then. Not so much anymore. Back then I wasn’t great at trusting others, but today, I’ve come to know – fully, in the deepest part of me, soul and all – that the act of trust that Alan speaks about is the way of love and acceptance.

In giving away the control, you’ve got it.

That sentence doesn’t terrify me at all now. How about you? Is there anything you *believe you* have control over that you could not relinquish?

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