Fördjupad kärleksrelation

Torkar mina tårar. Sliter av mig offerkoftan och sveper möjlighetsmanteln om mig. Tar chansen att fördjupa min kärleksrelation med mig själv. Vaknar på morgonen i ensam majestät. Slås jag av att jag gör det. Älskar mig. Har en kärleksrelation till mig själv, en relation jag inte värnat så mycket som den förtjänar. Det är nog lätt hänt att den får stå tillbaka – jag är säkert inte ensam om insikten att jag nånstans slutat visa mig själv min kärlek – men nu är det dags.

Står inför ett val. Det som varit är förbi. Att gå tillbaka finns inte.
Jag gläds åt det som varit, och möter nuet, och därmed framtiden, i nyfikenhet.kärleksrelation med migGes möjligheten att välja. Tar den. Väljer Mig.

Tar plats i mitt liv. Med nyfikenhet och värme inleder jag kurtisen, lockar, pockar, smeker varsamt, eggande. Får syn… på Mig. Vad jag vill. Tycker om. Önskar. Bejakar. Tar mig friheter. Flörtar, tittar mig djupt i ögonen och inleder djupa samtal om meningen med livet, om hur jag låter min onlyness (tack Nilofer Merchant för detta vackra ord och Sara för att du pekade mig i dess riktning!) blomma ut i full blom, och vad som faktiskt vill hända nu.

Väljer Mig. Fördjupar högst medvetet min kärleksrelation med Mig, och öppnar därmed för mer kärlek än vad som ryms inom den fysiska gräns min egen kropp utgör. Fördjupar min kärleksrelation till livet, till det som varit, det som är och det som blir. Omfamnar allt, i den varmaste djupaste omfamning jag förmår. Och jag förmår, var så säker!

Podcast 42/52 – to hold the question

Like last weeks tip, here’s another podcast that I’ve been putting off blogging about, because it’s simply so rich that I am at a loss to find the words to write about it. It’s an episode from Good Life Project this time, with Nilofer Merchant, my favorite walk-and-talk-lady!

Nilofer is a woman who’s led a very interesting life, that’s for sure. She shares openly and without a lot of sentiment, but still, there is a vulnerability to it. She talks about her inner tyrant *been there, done that* and then a very interesting piece of conversation follows, on ”sustained uncertainty”. Just listen, and you’ll get what that points at.

Anyway. I’ve listened to this show umpteen times, and the other day I listened again. And guess what! I heard something I hadn’t heard the other times. Isn’t that amazing? How I suddenly got something else, probably because I listened differently this last time.

Joint creation by Vanessa Smith and Helena Roth at Summit of Human Potential Realization.

Joint creation of the global community by Vanessa Smith and Helena Roth at Summit for Human Potential Realization.

The thoughts about community and the epidemic of people feeling alone and cut off from the rest of the world… How we are actually not paying attention to the phenomenal amount of communities we are a part of, and then they give example after example, and I had to stop to take it all in. There are a few communities that I instantly come up with if you’d ask me what I ”am a part of” so to speak. But what Nilofer and Jonathan point to, is a much larger sense of community, that really stopped me in my tracks, this time around. I am very grateful for that!

Oh. And then, the part about questions and answers, close to the end. As a person enamored with questions, this part blew me away:

My job is to hold the question. […] I think most of us were trained with the idea that you needed to know the answer. […] if you actually own the question, other people can help you with the answer […] and more importantly, they can help you make the answer a reality! – Nilofer Merchant

There’s a question that’s been a constant companion of mine these past two and a half, close to three years. And I still haven’t gotten tired of it. What’s the question that lie at the center of your life?

Walk and Talk

I am an advocate for Coachwalks as you might have understood – at least if you’ve read some of my blog posts in Swedish. For me, walking while coaching has a whole bunch of benefits, the biggest one being that the physical movement ensure you cannot remain stuck mentally.

Here’s Nilofer Merchant talking about the same concept:

I challenge you to try a walk and talk-meeting, rather than a traditional sit-down-meeting. Up for it?

To this day…

I’ve seen this before, as Dan Pearce, aka Single Dad Laughing, posted this spoken word-poem it in a blog post a few months ago.

But here it is, again, or for those who haven’t seen it yet, as a TED Talk.
Watch it.

Watched it?
Then act. Now. Enough is enough! Together we create the world we live in. And I cannot believe that this is the world we want for ourselves, for our children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren and so on…

20130528-125113.jpgJust because it will be hard to create a better world, doesn’t mean it cannot be done.
Just because the world have never been as good as it might be, doesn’t mean it cannot be done. It just means we have to give it that little bit extra. And perhaps it isn’t hard to do. Perhaps it’s a matter of being ourselves, true and genuine. So let us be all that we are, our beautiful unique selves, sharing our onlyness with the world. And let us not wait for tomorrow, or next year, or in 2020. Let’s start right this second.

I am unique. I am perfect, in all that I am. I am me.

Who are you?