London – photo book creation

We spent the last weekend on June in London, the Roth family.
london eyeI opted not to take my ”good camera” and make do with the various IPhones of the family. Turned out to be a good decision. I am now sitting here creating a photo book from the weekend trip, and there’s some great shots. I started on the photo book last night, in part due to the end of one of my challenges and the start of another. Go figure.

You see, yesterday was the end of my journey with #cleanse4expansion. Not for good. But the project as such is done for now. So there’s no longer any need for the ”Oops, I haven’t done my daily cleanse, I’d better zero my inboxes and blog about it”-moments which have been a part of my life at least this past month or so.

And at the same time, earlier this week I started a social media challenge where I promised only to check my social media feeds once daily. So the ”Spending all my evening sitting in the sofa with my laptop chatting away with friends on Facebook and Twitter”-moments are also a thing of the past.

Hence, last night I started to create this London-book, and tonight I’ve kept at it. Probably have another third to go before all the pic’s are in place, and this time I’m writing the captions as I create, so it will soon be ready!

taylor1040As the reason for going to London was the Taylor Swift concert in Hyde Park on the 27th of June,there’s a Swiftie at home who’ll be very pleased when it’s done! And it was a really good concert, I was impressed with the quality of her show!

This time I’m doing the photo book on a Swedish site called Öskefoto, downloaded their program, but am not totally happy with the functionality of it. And the new Blurb software that I used for the birthday book I created a few weeks ago also wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be. I’ve been an online photo book creator basically from the beginning of the service being available, so I’ve seen a lot of various functionality. And unfortunately some of my favorite features seem to be disappearing right now. Bothersome. So now I’m stuck in that awkward place of being not altogether happy with the two sites I usually use for ordering photo books while at the same time not really knowing where to go next.So what’s your best option for photo book creation?

Podcast 12/52 – why we are here!

Yesterday I had another one of those ”Wow, this podcast is so good, I want to listen to it again, as soon as I’m done listening to it the first time around”-moments, and the podcast that made me all excited was the One You feed-episode with Glennon Doyle Melton.

I found a lot of really significant passages in the conversation in this podcast, and a few of them went straight to my heart. One of them centers on the habit we have of not sharing our vulnerability with each other. Glennon tells a story of when she wrote a post on Facebook, sharing her vulnerability in 25 bullets. The response was amazing and supportive, but also, people dared to show their vulnerability with her, after she had shown her. And she was struck by the fact that people she knew, she only really thought she knew, because there was so much pain and hard experiences in their life, that they had never shared with her. She shares her reaction to this, in the podcast:

I was pissed! Because what are we doing? Why are we even calling each other friends? We sit together and we’re talking about things that do not matter, and you’re in so much pain, and I have the same pain. This just gotta be what we’re here for: to talk about this stuff! 

hold backNow, why is it like that? Why do we barely go skin-deep? Why is it so hard to be vulnerable? Why do we hold back, from sharing our pains, losses, grievances, but also our joys, tender moments and highest wishes and dreams? And why do we believe the mind-made monsters about what will happen if we are wholehearted and vulnerable, when  in my experience, usually it’s the opposite. Yes, there will be haters, but haters will be haters, to quote Taylor Swift, and why should we (or I) let that stop me? And what I have received in love and connection on account of opening up and being vulnerable, far surpasses the ”hate-responses”.

And still. I hold back. I shy away. I hold my tongue, for fear of the reaction, even though I know that if someone came to me with what I am dying to share, I would open my arms and heart and just hold a space for whomever it was who shared their vulnerability. Why don’t I think others would do the same for me? Isn’t that why we are here?


Shake it off!

This one is for my daughter, even though I know she prefers the original version by Taylor Swift. But I love Postmodern Jukebox, so here it is, in a great cover version:

The message she picks up on is the wisdom in actually shaking things off, when they don’t serve us, and just going for it, really, do your thing if it lights you up, regardless of what other people say. I like the sound of that right now.

What do you feel like shaking off at the moment?