DAY 2 #NAJOWRIMOPROMPT: What inspired your creative self?

Yesterday you wrote about ways you express yourself creatively. For today’s journal entry, write about you creative influences. Who and what makes you feel creative. Who and what do you draw creative inspiration from?

Creative influences. Now that’s a questions I can probably provide a multitude of answers to, but nobody but me can make me feel creative!

I find it a bit odd that I read thousands upon thousands of blog posts (most notably school-related ones as well as Seth Godin, Leo Baubata, Arvind Devalia and the likes) up until I started blogging myself. Then, I basically stopped following blogs. I still read some occasionally, but I haven’t followed a blog for years. With one exception, that of my friends Wivan and Anders, as it’s one way to ensure I know what’s going on in their lives as they travel the world.

Since I started blogging myself, I listen to podcasts. (So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see myself pick up podcasting and then cease to listen to other podcasts?!) All through out this year, my Sunday blog post has been, and will be, a podcast tip from me. My absolute favorites are On Being, One You Feed and Good Life Project. There are other as well, some Swedish ones, such as 100%-podden by my friend Charlotte Rudenstam (there are a few episodes in English as well, so do check it out) and Värvet with Kristoffer Triumf, but also English ones such as Freakonomics Radio, Peak Prosperity Featured Voice and several NPR shows with Invisibilia and Serial as my most loved ones. And yes, I draw an immense amount of creative inspiration from these podcasts!

appleNature is also something from which I draw creative inspiration. Walking about. Sitting down. Looking at a tree, a lake, a rock, a straw of grass, ants in an ant hill… anything and everything, nature is a marvelous source for inspiration!

And family and friends of course, it’s like having my very own treasure chest full of creative inspiration! I like to witness and observe, both the ongoings of my family and friends as well as what happens within me when I am in interaction with the ones close to me.

Since I’ve stopped reading blogs so much, perhaps you think I no longer get creative inspiration from written material. Well. That would be a faulty assumption. I read books, I love books, and I get a lot of inspiration from them. Fiction is more to let my mind just be, without triggering it too much, but I also read a lot of non-fiction, which definitely does just that, triggers my creativity, my curiosity, a wish to sit with a certain question or topic, and see what happens within as I do so. A lot of that comes out as blog posts.

Do I have other sources for creative inspiration. You bet. I could jot down another ten sources, easily, but no, I’ll stop here. But what about you? Who and what do you draw creative inspiration from?

Adventslyft nr 3 – Skuggsidan

Min bror mailade mig och frågade ”Följer du Serial the podcast?”. Mitt svar var nej, men jag klickade genast på länken till artikeln han länkade till. Och tre sekunder senare prenumererade jag på podcasten i Podcaster, för artikeln väckte min nyfikenhet.

skuggsidanDagens ord är SKUGGSIDAN, och Serial the podcast väcker mina tankar kring just det. En tragedi där en ung flicka mister sitt liv. Men är mannen som dömts för dådet verkligen skyldig? Han är fälld i domstol, men vem vet. Inte jag åtminstone.

Serial the podcast är en väldigt annorlunda podcast, olikt något jag lyssnat till förut. Och det är en del av lockelsen. Men det är också en kriminalhistoria som utvecklas vecka för vecka, organiskt, utan manus. Oerhört spännande, och jag längtar efter nästa veckas avsnitt! Blir du nyfiken så ger jag ett enda råd, och det är att börja från avsnitt ett, för annars faller liksom hela poängen.

Skuggsidan – jag tänker på podcasten Serial.
Skuggsidan – vem eller vad tänker du på?