Podcast 13/52 – tossed in a tumbler for 3 hours!

black tumblerPodcast tip number 13 and I thank Michael Sillion and his PodOfTheDay-blog for this episode, which had me feel like I’ve just been through a 3 hour ride in a tumbler. Sometimes exhilarating and sometimes just really confusing. (Maybe actually being tossed in a tumbler would only be sheer hell, but work with me here, please.)

The podcast I’m talking about is London real with Tai Lopez, and once I’d finished the 3 hour long episode I actually pressed play once again. Am now almost two hours done second time round, and I’m vacillating between nodding vigorously, totally agreeing, and then once in a while I shake my head, get a sceptic look on my face and absolutely disagree with some things.

And you know what? I love that. I love the perplexity of the grey scale, of not saying ”I absolutely agree with 100% of everything Tai says” but not going ”I don’t believe a word this dude is saying” either. I like that, because it pushes my boundaries, expands and challenges my understanding of the way of the world, and gives me something to take a closer look at.

I almost get short of breath when listening because Tai speaks so much and fast, and Brian Rose of London Real does nothing to slow him down. London Real somehow very macho, and I haven’t listened to a lot of London Real episodes for that reason, but this one. Yeah. It works. For me. Somehow, despite the length, the tempo, and all the parts I disagree with. Funny that. Does it work for you?

Supercoach Academy 2014

In May I signed up for Supercoach Academy 2014 with Michael Neill. It will be a transformative experience, of that I have no doubt. What I didn’t realize was that it started to be life-altering from day one. Just having signed up I immediately got access to a lot of resources and challenges, that have, already, made a profound impact in my life.

When I told one of my coach clients about this, I got this response:

Oh, that will be so great for me!

I am so grateful for the wisdom of my clients, because isn’t this the truth! When I as a coach challenge my insights, expand my awareness, and grow my understanding, of course it will benefit my clients!

Now, you don’t have to be my client, to sign up for SCA2014 or be/want to be a coach to experience what I am talking about. During the month of October Michael Neill released a daily clip on YouTube in his series ”A month of transformational coaching”. Here’s the first clip:

If this spiked your interest, check out the rest of the videos as well. And if you want to find out more about SCA2014 – just call on me and I’ll help you find your way. Perhaps you’ll even want to join me?