No vision in what is wrong

I’ve written before about the podcast of Julia Butterfly Hill interviewed by Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity. Find it on iTunes or here:

I had a number of oh yeah-moments listening to Julia and here’s one of them:

I tell people we need to turn off our televisions, go out into our communities and tell a vision. And that is not ”this is what is wrong with the world, that is what is wrong with the world, and this is what is wrong.” There is no vision in what is wrong.

I am a pro-person, rather than an anti-person. However, a lot of proactivity stems from a wrong, a problem, some glitch that we identify and which chafe enough so we want to act on it.

For me the glitch is the school systems, they chafe, and I am not comfortable with the way it is today. So, I act. The #skolvåren-movement in Sweden that I am a part of is one way I act, and is a good example of what Julia states. #skolvåren ask Why school? to get people to start to think about what society we want to help create and shape. And the vision we share is to create a sustainable learning society.


For me, visions point forward, into something we want, not away from something we don’t want. Do you agree that there is no vision in what’s wrong?

Hygienic design

Hygienic design is what I’ve been playing with today, in Westernwald in Germany. It’s the first time I am here. Lovely scenery, check out the view from my hotel:


My old experience as a hygienic design expert in a machine development project comes in handy in one of the few assignments I still have connecting me to my past professional life. I’ve been a project manager and validation engineer within the Pharma industry for many years, even though I’ve ventured away from that field.

To a large extent it really makes me happy to see that it’s all in the discussion, in meeting people and talking to them. Not telling them what’s right and wrong, because there is no such thing basically. But just to get people to realize the value of putting on hygienic design glasses once in a while (especially if you are working with machine development targeting Life Science).

I like it, because I really don’t like saying this is right, this is wrong anymore. It’s like life, which is seldom black and white, it’s more grey scales really. If I can make these engineers and mechanical designers really get that, and take one or two steps towards a lighter grey, then I’ve done good today.

And can you imagine – I even got applauds when we were finished with the wrap up! That’s a first, for a hygienic design workshop.

Soon I will be driven to the airport, to fly home, and boy am I happy that I don’t have any travel plans for the coming weeks, at least none I am aware of at the moment. I long for home, even though the feeling of home is something I carry within me. You know what I mean?

My way or the highway

Do it my way – or take the highway. Have you heard this expression? I meet a lot of this sentiment, and I must say it makes me very confounded.

I get confounded because I have a hard time to understand why anyone would want me to stop doing what I find value in, just because someone else doesn’t see the value in it.

What that someone else is telling me is that they are right – that their way is the only way – and that I am just wasting my time with nonsense and should stop immediately, and start doing ‘the right thing’.


Who are you to tell me what is right for me? I don’t say what is right for you and I can’t see any reason why I would do that.

(This is the grown up me speaking – those who knew me as a youngster, knows this is precisely what I did then. But not anymore since I’ve come to realize this is an attitude that doesn’t serve me at all. Given that what we are talking about lies within the confines of common law and human rights of course.)

I will gladly have a conversation about what I do, and what you do, and figure out how we can complement each other. But I won’t tell you to stop because I don’t see the value in what you do. I might tell you that I can’t see the value in it – but if you want to keep up with whatever it is you are doing, by all means, keep it up!

If I don’t see the value in what you do – why does that mean that there is no value? What that tells me is more that perhaps I haven’t dug deep enough to understand it fully. Or that I am simply not ready to understand what you do. It does not mean that I am right and you are wrong to do what you do. So why are you telling me that I am wrong and should stop what I do?