My way or the highway

Do it my way – or take the highway. Have you heard this expression? I meet a lot of this sentiment, and I must say it makes me very confounded.

I get confounded because I have a hard time to understand why anyone would want me to stop doing what I find value in, just because someone else doesn’t see the value in it.

What that someone else is telling me is that they are right – that their way is the only way – and that I am just wasting my time with nonsense and should stop immediately, and start doing ‘the right thing’.


Who are you to tell me what is right for me? I don’t say what is right for you and I can’t see any reason why I would do that.

(This is the grown up me speaking – those who knew me as a youngster, knows this is precisely what I did then. But not anymore since I’ve come to realize this is an attitude that doesn’t serve me at all. Given that what we are talking about lies within the confines of common law and human rights of course.)

I will gladly have a conversation about what I do, and what you do, and figure out how we can complement each other. But I won’t tell you to stop because I don’t see the value in what you do. I might tell you that I can’t see the value in it – but if you want to keep up with whatever it is you are doing, by all means, keep it up!

If I don’t see the value in what you do – why does that mean that there is no value? What that tells me is more that perhaps I haven’t dug deep enough to understand it fully. Or that I am simply not ready to understand what you do. It does not mean that I am right and you are wrong to do what you do. So why are you telling me that I am wrong and should stop what I do?

Rooms of insight

I got pinged on Facebook by Iwan Karlsson. He wrote:

Please. Read this. It’s important. Helena Roth Give me some input.

The blogg post he was asking me and others to read was by Judy Sedgeman, called Ask the deeper questions. Please read the blog post before you carry on reading here.

I answered Iwan:

Thank you ever so much for pinging me here! I absolutely loved this blogpost. I agree, 100% with it. We have the answers within ourselves, and I believe children to a large extent have the capability to live with their thoughts. Then society, norm, schooling etc set in, and gradually shut those innate systems down.

It’s time to
1) show people they have it all inside, the inside-out revolution!
2) ensure we create systems, norms etc that do NOT diminish ourselves, but rather ensures we learn how to truly live in peace, understand ourselves and our perception of the world around us.

Thank you Iwan!

I have been asking questions for some time now. As I surge ahead asking questions, it’s as if I open up new doors within me, to rooms of insights and even more curiosity. This then triggers even more questions, and off I go, in a positive upward spiral.


The more questions I ask, the deeper they become. And boy, am I happy to be in this discovery phase within myself, where my perception of the world becomes clearer by the minute. Writing a blog post every day is one way I have of both asking and answering questions, and I am so happy I have gotten into this habit.

Where are your deep questions?