Goal completed!

I use Runkeeper since many years by now, and the past two (or three?) years I’ve set year long goals for walking, biking and swimming. Last year was the first time I actually managed to reach all my goals, but this year, I teamed up with my daughter on setting shorter goals, for three months in a row. If nothing else to stop me from coming to the last month of the year and having 90% of the swimming goal left to meet.

So on January 1st I set goals to swim 4 km, bike 300 km and walk 250 km by March 31st.  My daughter also set goals for the same type of activities, and the same time period, but personalized goals suiting her.

TGoal runkeeperoday I reached the first goal, as I’ve been crawling one kilometer each day for the past three days, while staying at a hotel with a wonderful 20 m pool in the basement. I’ve been in Germany for work, and as luck has it, the hotel we live in is a fancy one, so…. I’ve made the most of it, and today clocked in at 4,5 km total (as I had already a 1,5 km swim logged since earlier this year).

So now I have to set a new swimming goal for myself. Am thinking of upping the ante a bit, not because I must, or feel I need to, but because I really really enjoy swimming, and having this goal makes me get out of the house and go to a pool to swim. So it does work as a sort of a trigger. But be not mistaken, I am doing this for me, because I enjoy swimming.

What do you enjoy doing, that you sometimes don’t take the time, or effort, to ensure that you actually do?

This blog post, number 5 of 100, is a part of the #blogg100 challenge currently running in Sweden

Hygienic design

Hygienic design is what I’ve been playing with today, in Westernwald in Germany. It’s the first time I am here. Lovely scenery, check out the view from my hotel:


My old experience as a hygienic design expert in a machine development project comes in handy in one of the few assignments I still have connecting me to my past professional life. I’ve been a project manager and validation engineer within the Pharma industry for many years, even though I’ve ventured away from that field.

To a large extent it really makes me happy to see that it’s all in the discussion, in meeting people and talking to them. Not telling them what’s right and wrong, because there is no such thing basically. But just to get people to realize the value of putting on hygienic design glasses once in a while (especially if you are working with machine development targeting Life Science).

I like it, because I really don’t like saying this is right, this is wrong anymore. It’s like life, which is seldom black and white, it’s more grey scales really. If I can make these engineers and mechanical designers really get that, and take one or two steps towards a lighter grey, then I’ve done good today.

And can you imagine – I even got applauds when we were finished with the wrap up! That’s a first, for a hygienic design workshop.

Soon I will be driven to the airport, to fly home, and boy am I happy that I don’t have any travel plans for the coming weeks, at least none I am aware of at the moment. I long for home, even though the feeling of home is something I carry within me. You know what I mean?