No vision in what is wrong

I’ve written before about the podcast of Julia Butterfly Hill interviewed by Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity. Find it on iTunes or here:

I had a number of oh yeah-moments listening to Julia and here’s one of them:

I tell people we need to turn off our televisions, go out into our communities and tell a vision. And that is not ”this is what is wrong with the world, that is what is wrong with the world, and this is what is wrong.” There is no vision in what is wrong.

I am a pro-person, rather than an anti-person. However, a lot of proactivity stems from a wrong, a problem, some glitch that we identify and which chafe enough so we want to act on it.

For me the glitch is the school systems, they chafe, and I am not comfortable with the way it is today. So, I act. The #skolvåren-movement in Sweden that I am a part of is one way I act, and is a good example of what Julia states. #skolvåren ask Why school? to get people to start to think about what society we want to help create and shape. And the vision we share is to create a sustainable learning society.


For me, visions point forward, into something we want, not away from something we don’t want. Do you agree that there is no vision in what’s wrong?

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