Being aware – reflection #3

Am down with a cold. Feeling very unaware of most things outside of the discomfort of a sore throat, raspy cough and an aching head. But still, why not just move ahead with the reflections on being aware

Does being aware have a color?
Instinctively, what comes to mind is transparency. Any color, but transparent, not being a hindrance for going past it, through it.

A symbol?
A symbol…. does being aware have a symbol? Just the one?
I don’t know. Possibly the third eye? But then again, isn’t than an old symbol, with a lot of different connotations, with awareness (increased perception) being one?

What is the language of awareness? Does it exist?
Or will we – together – make the language of being aware come to form?
The language of awareness cannot be a language of but one component, such as speech. A language of awareness must be a multifaceted language utilizing all senses, opening up for an experience of sound and silence, visual and intuitive aspects as well as movement and touch. If it exists? Who knows… But yeah, I would like to think it’s out there and probably has since the beginning of time. Not sure if it’s come fully into form yet. It’s more like something wanting to happen, popping up here and there, in quick bursts of connection and awareness. Wanting to be seen, felt, heard, sensed by a larger number of humankind. Do you think we can help it come into form, making it easier for more people to discover it?

opening up

Are there any rituals connected to being aware?
Or might we – together – create some?
I’m certain there are a multitude of rituals. Some widely shared and spread across the globe, some might be absolutely unique to a specific individual.
A wise woman told me yesterday of the eternal circle of expansion -> stability -> expansion -> stability and so on. She explained how there’s expansion, with intake, new learnings, input and information, expanding in all senses…. and how there’s a need for all those new sensations to stabilize and sink in, enabling me to become grounded in what I know. And once stability has been reached, a new expansion phase can begin. I’m sure we could find rituals for both phases, expansion as well as stability, but am equally certain we could come up with new rituals around these phases.
Personally, I know I have some rituals that have definitely helped me be more aware, and I’m doing one of those things right this minute. Blogging for me, is both a self-coaching tool and a way for me to reflect and discover myself, my beliefs, my understanding. Blogging is one way for me to stabilize what I take in during the day.

Do you have any favorite rituals you’d like to share with me?

Being aware

What does it make you think? Feel?
What do you associate with being aware?
Do you think of yourself as being aware? Or not?
Do you have a role model, someone who personifies being aware for you?

And how do you Do awareness?
What is the relationship between being and doing awareness?
How can you tell when another person acts out of awareness? Or when he/she doesn’t? Is it visible somehow?

Is there a limit, a point where you are fully aware, saturated, unable to become more aware? If so, can human beings reach that point? Is it even desirable?

Does it have a color? A symbol?
What is the language of awareness? Does it exist?
Or will we – together – make the language of being aware come to form?
Are there any rituals connected to being aware?
Or might we – together – create some?

What is made possible when you live life out of a place of heightened awareness?
What happens to you? Those around you? The world?
Is anything made impossible when living life out of a place of heightened awareness?

What would the world look like with a raised awareness in humankind?

being aware

Starting Sunday I will be immersing myself into being aware and I am very curious to discover what will arise from the experience. Until then, I’ll dip my toe into it, getting into the mood, tasting it, trying to get a feel for it, discovering the texture of it, recognizing and perhaps building up the energy of awareness within me.

And yes, I’ll share the process with you, here, because somehow, blogging is one way I get in touch with myself, discover myself within the words, the images, the sensations that arise within when I write. It’s a way for me to be aware.

Perhaps I’ll sit with the questions I’ve written above. Perhaps I’ll blog about what comes to mind. But I am also curious. About what comes to mind for you? Would you mind sharing your thoughts about being aware with me?

Podcast 19/52 – poetic tools

I listened to an On Being episode with composer Mohammed Fairouz, and immediately after listening to the edited version I listened to the unedited version, which was even better. Mohammed Fairouz is not a man I’d never heard of before, and I am glad that has been rectified.

He has a lovely positive outlook on the future, stating in no uncertain terms that he thinks the world will soon become a better place. Since I also hold that view, hard as it may be to stick to sometimes, given the barrage of negative news flowing all around, I exhale, and feel my body go a bit soft, relaxed, knowing there are many more people devoted to the same aspiration.

I’m going to say something that you may think me crazy to say. But I believe that the future is extremely bright. I believe that the future is hopeful. And I think that this generation is absolutely committed to making the world a better place. And I think they have the means to do it. And I think that if the world does not become a better place by the time that I’m 50 or 60, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have the will. We have the drive.
– Mohammed Fairouz

It’s an episode that span large and far, in time, in space. Mohammed has a beautiful language, and I love the flow of the conversation. Mohammed says something which I’ve never heard and honestly never thought about. But it hit home somehow, and I’ve reflected upon it since I heard it. I believe there’s something there.

”Where”, you ask?
I reply ”Here”, and give you this:


Poetic tools. Isn’t that just a wonderful way to look at it? Poetic tools, do I even have any? I’m not sure I do. When spoken about this way, I sure get an urge to get myself some, don’t you?


While on vacation in the UK, my brother who lives there, told us about the app/website Duolingo, which he’s using to refresh his French. Me and my daughter Alma downloaded the app, and I got started on German, and Alma on Spanish. We were hooked.

Then we came home, and my son was so eager to download the app onto the kids IPad that we barely got the luggage inside the front door before he had the IPad in hand, demanding help.

He started off with Italian, and man, it’s amazing to see. He asked me if I’d help him, and while I told him the truth that his Italian surely was way better than mine after a day with the language course, he crawled up beside me in the sofa. And while I couldn’t actually help him in any way, I could provide some moral support and also get totally amazed.



Then today he decided he wanted to learn German instead (after telling me and his father that he want’s to go to Germany for the fall break! Last year we did India, this year he want’s Germany.), so he switched language in the app and set off to gather points in the morning. I could hear the German phrases coming from the vicinity of the kitchen table, but then all of a sudden there was some Spanish as well… turns out my husband also got curious enough to download the app and start a Spanish course.

Have to say thanks to my brother for setting us all off on a wild dash for improved language-skills!

Being a glorious day, we all went to the deep sea swimming-place and were away all day, with my sons best friend tagging along as well. But when we got home, guess what happened? My son and his best friend curled up on the sofa, and immediately started to practice their German. AND their English, which is an added bonus!

We’re Swedish but the app works with English as the base language so here were these two 10-year old boys discussing German and English verbs, nouns, spelling, grammar, scoring points as they went along.

Absolutely fascinating to witness – talk about there being a lot of joy in learning! Or rather, there sure can be a lot of joy in learning. And that’s the way it should be, in my view. Do you agree or disagree with that?