Changes are afoot!

key nyckelI’m opening the door to something new. Soon, by January 1st I hope, all my new English blog posts will reside at a new website and blog. I have decided to separate it from now on, as I am not really happy with the mix of Swedish and English that this blog has become. The Swedish posts will be published here, for now.

I hope you will help me spread the word of the new site, once it’s up, and if you enjoy my English blog posts, please subscribe to the new blog. If you enjoy the Swedish posts, subscribing here is an option as well, of course!

I have not really decided upon a blog schedule yet, but am considering having a more fixed structure, with posts being published on specific weekdays. I will not even try to publish daily in both English and Swedish, that I know. But I plan to keep on blogging daily,  either here or at the new site, because daily blogging is one of my best tools for self-coaching, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

For the first time ever I am self hosting a WordPress site, and that has proven to be a wee bit trickier and more time-consuming than I expected. So I succumbed to the other day, and as of right now, some fiverr WP-guru is working his magic om ny new site, or so I hope.

And you know what, I am quite happy with that. I would have figured it out eventually (not by January 1st though, and that’s been my shipping date for a few months now!), but honestly – why should I? There are things I truly love to do, and other things I don’t, such as configure a website. I love to write, so all the copy on the new site is written by me. I also love to take photographs, so all the photos are my creations as well.

It’s better that I do what I truly love doing, letting other people do what they truly love doing, isn’t it?

Podcast 32/52 – A special treat for you!

In Sweden we have an old radio tradition dating back to 1959 called Sommar i P1. That means ”Summer in program 1” and I’ve never heard it presented in anything other than Swedish. However, for some reason, of which I am very grateful, one of the best episodes of this summer, with environmental scientist Johan Rockström, suddenly showed up, in an English version. He gave his original Sommar-show in Swedish, and if you know the language, I’d recommend that. But if you aren’t one of the fewer than 10 million people worldwide who know Swedish, please make sure you listen to the English version!

As a person with a strong environmental interest there were a lot of facts in this podcast that I already knew about. Some that I think I’ve forgotten but now have a revived understanding about, and, interestingly enough, quite a few new facts and figures to me.

BoldomaticPost_I-support-the-Earth-StatementJohan Rockström provides some devastating pieces of information, regarding our world and what humans are doing to it, but he has an optimism to him, that makes this episode strangely uplifting, despite the grim realities of climate changes and the likes, that we face.

One of the things that Johan Rockström have initiated is The Earth Statement, which is something I had not heard of before I listened to this podcast (which I’ve done three times, by now), but since then I’ve become a supporter, adding my name to the list of many others.
Check it out yourself: or perhaps you already have?






While on vacation in the UK, my brother who lives there, told us about the app/website Duolingo, which he’s using to refresh his French. Me and my daughter Alma downloaded the app, and I got started on German, and Alma on Spanish. We were hooked.

Then we came home, and my son was so eager to download the app onto the kids IPad that we barely got the luggage inside the front door before he had the IPad in hand, demanding help.

He started off with Italian, and man, it’s amazing to see. He asked me if I’d help him, and while I told him the truth that his Italian surely was way better than mine after a day with the language course, he crawled up beside me in the sofa. And while I couldn’t actually help him in any way, I could provide some moral support and also get totally amazed.



Then today he decided he wanted to learn German instead (after telling me and his father that he want’s to go to Germany for the fall break! Last year we did India, this year he want’s Germany.), so he switched language in the app and set off to gather points in the morning. I could hear the German phrases coming from the vicinity of the kitchen table, but then all of a sudden there was some Spanish as well… turns out my husband also got curious enough to download the app and start a Spanish course.

Have to say thanks to my brother for setting us all off on a wild dash for improved language-skills!

Being a glorious day, we all went to the deep sea swimming-place and were away all day, with my sons best friend tagging along as well. But when we got home, guess what happened? My son and his best friend curled up on the sofa, and immediately started to practice their German. AND their English, which is an added bonus!

We’re Swedish but the app works with English as the base language so here were these two 10-year old boys discussing German and English verbs, nouns, spelling, grammar, scoring points as they went along.

Absolutely fascinating to witness – talk about there being a lot of joy in learning! Or rather, there sure can be a lot of joy in learning. And that’s the way it should be, in my view. Do you agree or disagree with that?


Tweeking my website a bit, and the realization that it’s a dreadful hybrid of Swedish and English hits me hard. The blog started out purely in Swedish, except for the name herothecoach, but now, I publish more and more posts in English. The mix bothers me though, because it doesn’t look good. And appearance and stringency matters. So I figured I’d ask you to help me out.

20131012-100120.jpgI’d like to ask you for feedback on what works, what doesn’t work and what’s missing. What steps would you take, if this was your blog? What do you think I should do?