Feeling a bit jitterish, but at the same time: there’s nothing more for me to do. It’s out of my hands, and all I can do is be me. And that’s something which I definitely practice a lot more nowadays, compared to most of my life.

It’s a change I am very happy about, even though it might be a bit troublesome for my surroundings, as the Helena they believed they knew, acts differently these days. That difference is me. That difference is me being me. That difference is me, more pure, raw, undiluted. The Helena they knew was a person faking it. Believing I had to put on a mask, act in certain ways, not true to me, but true to the show I believed was expected of me. That Helena was never me. And it’s not who I am today.

AwarenessAnd then this post popped into my stream today, giving me back that which I had temporarily forgotten.

‘What?’, you may ask.

I’d forgotten that this is what it’s all about. Not to coach. Not to fix (there’s nothing to fix!). But to be a Game-Changer. And I am.

And you know? That’s not just a brash statement from me. That’s not something I believe to be true. I don’t have to believe it. Because I’ve tested it. I know I have helped clients see things they couldn’t see before. I know I’ve held a space for clients to go deeper and purer than they have ever gone before. It happens. Not all the time, every time I see a client. Not by a long shot. But when it happens – BAM, that IS a game-changer, let me tell you!

Remember that jitterish feeling? I’ll just hug it, but I definitely won’t cling to it. Because it doesn’t provide much value to me at the moment. And what I know to be true, I know to be true.

Are You a Game-Changer?