MacBook Pro 15″ cover?

I need your help. I got a MacBook Pro 15″ laptop around New Years, and have yet to buy a cover/bag for it. My old MacBook I travelled quite a bit with and hence I had a thicker padded cover for it, but so far, this computer has only left home once, today, to go to Apple Store for a one-to-one-session. If I am traveling, I’ll likely only bring my Ipad. So I don’t think I need a bolstered cover for it, but it would be nice with something which will both be a bit protective while at the same time being nice-looking.

Help me get a cover that's both stylish and functional, please!

Help me get a cover that’s both stylish and functional, please!

So. What’s your best tip for me? Please share a link or the name of a store or a cover brand that you think I should look into.

What’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you, that you recommend I stay away from? What would you buy? Or would you make a cover yourself even (I really like those of wool felt)? If so, how? (But perhaps those felt ones are more for traveling than daily use? I mean, I just want to snap my computer open when I need to work on it…)

As you can see, I am in some serious need for input here – so please, hit me with your best suggestions!

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