Podcast 39/52 – Chickensoup for the soul

Thursday to Sunday have been a long enjoyable chickensoup for the soul-moment for me, as I’ve been travelling in England with my choir. England have greeted us with the most magnificent fall weather, and we’ve taken in the sights, sounds and smells of Oxford and its surroundings. On Saturday we sang in Enstone parish church of St Kenelm’s, and it was a joy. Good accoustics and an attentive audience, including both a touch of royalty (as the Swedish princess Margareta attended, being a resident of Enstone) as well as one sweet soul who let out the most appreciative ahhh at the end of each song. (And no, it wasn’t someone in pain, trust me, I know the difference!)On Sunday (today that is) we will sing in the service at 11 am in St Paul’s chuch in Covent Garden, also known as the actor’s church, as well as give a repeat concert at 1 pm.On account of all this music, as podcast tip 39/52, I wanted to share a special episode of On Being with you, the one featuring Yo-Yo Ma, world-reknown cellist. And, as it turned out, an extremely interesting human being, with such a great knowing of why he does what he does. 

I’ve listened to this episode, both the edited as well as the uncut version, many times, and each time I am left with the most lovely sensation of deep inner calm coupled with a great appreciation for the wisdom available to us all. Yo-Yo Ma personifies this for me, and I hope you will take the time to listen. And don’t be fooled by all this talk of music, it’s definitely a conversation spanning a wide array of life, including music, but really centering on Yo-Yo Ma’s love and interest of humanity.

Music is what happens in between the notes, Yo-Yo Ma says, and I can only agree. In between the notes, my soul is restored, my mind can take leaps of joy as well as sorrow, and it is truly chickensoup for the soul. For me, listen to, or creating, music is definitely one of my favorite pastimes to sooth as well as vigorate my soul. What’s the best chickensoup for your soul?  

Listen for the unknown #1

It’s Christmas Day and the advent calendar (in Swedish) here on the blog is over, after 24 words and my reflections on said word. It’s been a great series for me to do and something similar might well pop up again.

But now I’d like to do a series of posts up until New Years, linking to podcasts that I’ve listened to, and found intriguing, fascinating, thought-provoking, hilarious, or just absolutely amazing. I will not write a whole lot about them, but rather, I invite you to do what I’ve tried to do: listen for the unknown. That which doesn’t verify old beliefs, but rather opens up for something new, a thought previously unthought, a connection previously unmade. Listen for that which you do not already know. Ok?

The first podcast is from RSA and is entitled Love, Death, Self and Soul.
Love, Death, Self and SoulWhat do you hear that you’ve never heard before?

Angie, the sweetest dog alive!

When I stayed with my friends Max and Mary on Long Island for five days in the beginning of March, to kick-start the book-writing adventure that me and Max have initiated, I met Angie, the sweetest dog alive. Angie the Dog had a rough start, and was 20140429-140239.jpgrescued by Mary, who fell in love with her on first sight. Easy to understand! There are traces left of her rough start in life, but boy did she ensure she got the best family ever.

She’s a beagle, with something else thrown into the mix, apparent amongst other things in her slightly longer-than-normal ears, according to Mary, who’s the beagle expert.

And those ears. The softest ears I’ve ever cuddled. Cats have that softness at the very base of their ears, and many dogs as well, but all of Angies ears were just soft as velvet. 20140429-140249.jpg

As you can see, Angie the Dog is a very gentle soul, and I gues that’s why she and Mary hit it off so perfectly, Mary being a gentle – and oh so marvellous! – soul herself.

Max and Mary made me feel right at home at their place, and Angie assisted them, but not in that in-your-face-way many dogs sport (or in-your-crotch for that matter), for which I am very happy, being a cat-person myself. 20140429-140422.jpgAfter I left I was told Angie kept looking for me for days. I miss her too, and I sure hope to meet up with her again someday!

Animals bring such joy to life, and I am grateful for having had many wonderful experiences with pets. Have you ever been touched in heart and soul by an animal?