Listen for the unknown #1

It’s Christmas Day and the advent calendar (in Swedish) here on the blog is over, after 24 words and my reflections on said word. It’s been a great series for me to do and something similar might well pop up again.

But now I’d like to do a series of posts up until New Years, linking to podcasts that I’ve listened to, and found intriguing, fascinating, thought-provoking, hilarious, or just absolutely amazing. I will not write a whole lot about them, but rather, I invite you to do what I’ve tried to do: listen for the unknown. That which doesn’t verify old beliefs, but rather opens up for something new, a thought previously unthought, a connection previously unmade. Listen for that which you do not already know. Ok?

The first podcast is from RSA and is entitled Love, Death, Self and Soul.
Love, Death, Self and SoulWhat do you hear that you’ve never heard before?

Embracing otherness

I remember watching this as I sat alone in a lunch room of a big industrial company. I remeber not being able to stop my tears from falling. It’s such a powerful story told by Thandie Newton on TED, and that’s why I would like to show it to you:

Thandie says:

The self that I attempted to take out into the world was rejected over and over again and my panic at not having a self that fit…

Can you feel it? Can you feel her panic, pain and confusion? How many children don’t go through this in some form? How many adults still experience anxiety because they feel they don’t fit in?

We come into being when we start to see otherness as something separate from ourselves – and yet, the most important take on this isn’t that I define myself in comparison to you.

Rather it’s the fact that what I perceive to be reality isn’t reality but rather my image of reality. My thoughts and feelings create the world as I perceive it. What happens to otherness and self, when you anchor yourself in this insight?