New minimalistic record

I’m flying to London, for a day of Seth Godin live in London, and am a bit astounded at the new record I’ve achieved packing for this trip. Granted, it’s only two nights, but still. I have set a new record for minimalistic packing, and I’m proud of it. In my small backpack I have toiletries (and I probably don’t have to tell you it’s not a lot, and what there is is in travel sizes), a nighty, underwear, a spare top, a pair of wrist warmers, a pair of earings and a hair clip, my IPad, charger and two powerpacks, a small notebook, a pencil and a pen, as well as my Pencil from fiftythree. A small bag of nuts and an empty plastic water bottle that I filled up at the airport. I also stuffed my shawls in there (one small, one larger) since it was so warm at the airport.

I also bring the clothes on my body (and no, I haven’t piled up just to avoid carrying it, I’m wearing jeans, a linen, top, wool sweater, underwear and a pair of trainers), my IPhone and ear phones, my small waist bag (with cash, credit cards and my passport) and a coat. I also stuffed a marble in my jeans pocket. It’s accompanied me on a lot of trainings and seminars since 2,5 years back. It’s getting loaded with great energy, let me tell you!

I did forget to bring my electric plug adaptor, but my friend Michael brought two, so I’m good to go anyway! I’m hoping I won’t regret forgetting to bring my Moon Cup, and I checked the weather and decided against rain clothes. 

This is actually less that what I would likely have brought had I gone to my mom’s house for two days….

So, what am I ”forsaking” in order to travel this lightly?

Well. Nothing in my view, but possibly in yours. I will be wearing the same clothes for three days, except for underwear and my top. I only have one pair of shoes, so I chose comfort over beauty. Hm. I can honestly not think of anything else. But if you’ve seen me, you know I use no make up, so the one litre plastic bag with liquids and stuff is far from filled up (and serves as my toilet bag). And besides, if I need something I didn’t bring, I have money and there are plenty of shops in London. But, perhaps that’s another thing someone might think I am forsaking: shopping. Only thing is, I really don’t like shopping, and there’s not a whole lot I need actually. SO no shopping for me (except perhaps a book at the airport… but there’s room in my bag for that, I swear!).

I see two major benefits to travelling this light:

  1. It’s light! I don’t have to drag along a heavy suitcase. and the backpack is not heavy on my shoulders, which means I can carry my entire luggare around without any physical discomfort or hassle.
  2. The less luggage I bring, the less fuel the plane has to use to carry me to and from London. (And yes. I am fully aware flying at all is a major environmental set-back, but still, by travelling light, I am making a difference. Minute, but better than nothing.)

Are you a fellow light traveller?

Light travelling – undervalued!

I flew to London this morning, to attend the 3P conference on Innate HealthI will be away for four nights, and I must say I am very pleased with the size of my luggage. Travelling light is really undervalued, I must say. I have yet, even though I get better at better at light travelling, to come home without something that could have stayed at home because it simply didn’t get used during the trip. Maybe this trip will be a first for that? There’s one thing I forgot though, my travel adaptor stayed at home. Luckily my Airbnb-host had one I could borrow. I immediately put travel adaptor in the template packing list I just created in Trello the other day. 

I did a post in Swedish with a few of the things I’ve started to pay more attention to before/during/after travels, but I am sure there are tips and tricks I’ve yet to learn, so please share yours, if you have any?