New minimalistic record

I’m flying to London, for a day of Seth Godin live in London, and am a bit astounded at the new record I’ve achieved packing for this trip. Granted, it’s only two nights, but still. I have set a new record for minimalistic packing, and I’m proud of it. In my small backpack I have toiletries (and I probably don’t have to tell you it’s not a lot, and what there is is in travel sizes), a nighty, underwear, a spare top, a pair of wrist warmers, a pair of earings and a hair clip, my IPad, charger and two powerpacks, a small notebook, a pencil and a pen, as well as my Pencil from fiftythree. A small bag of nuts and an empty plastic water bottle that I filled up at the airport. I also stuffed my shawls in there (one small, one larger) since it was so warm at the airport.

I also bring the clothes on my body (and no, I haven’t piled up just to avoid carrying it, I’m wearing jeans, a linen, top, wool sweater, underwear and a pair of trainers), my IPhone and ear phones, my small waist bag (with cash, credit cards and my passport) and a coat. I also stuffed a marble in my jeans pocket. It’s accompanied me on a lot of trainings and seminars since 2,5 years back. It’s getting loaded with great energy, let me tell you!

I did forget to bring my electric plug adaptor, but my friend Michael brought two, so I’m good to go anyway! I’m hoping I won’t regret forgetting to bring my Moon Cup, and I checked the weather and decided against rain clothes. 

This is actually less that what I would likely have brought had I gone to my mom’s house for two days….

So, what am I ”forsaking” in order to travel this lightly?

Well. Nothing in my view, but possibly in yours. I will be wearing the same clothes for three days, except for underwear and my top. I only have one pair of shoes, so I chose comfort over beauty. Hm. I can honestly not think of anything else. But if you’ve seen me, you know I use no make up, so the one litre plastic bag with liquids and stuff is far from filled up (and serves as my toilet bag). And besides, if I need something I didn’t bring, I have money and there are plenty of shops in London. But, perhaps that’s another thing someone might think I am forsaking: shopping. Only thing is, I really don’t like shopping, and there’s not a whole lot I need actually. SO no shopping for me (except perhaps a book at the airport… but there’s room in my bag for that, I swear!).

I see two major benefits to travelling this light:

  1. It’s light! I don’t have to drag along a heavy suitcase. and the backpack is not heavy on my shoulders, which means I can carry my entire luggare around without any physical discomfort or hassle.
  2. The less luggage I bring, the less fuel the plane has to use to carry me to and from London. (And yes. I am fully aware flying at all is a major environmental set-back, but still, by travelling light, I am making a difference. Minute, but better than nothing.)

Are you a fellow light traveller?

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